Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (2023)

The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is a business school entrance exam that measures your reasoning, critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving skills. every year more200,000 studentstake the exam in hopes of increasing your chances of acceptance intobest MBA programs. Because it is such a vital admissions factor, it is important to be prepared for the test. To help you prepare, we've compiled a list of some of the best GMAT preparation courses available:

  • Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (1)
  • college professors- First option
  • examPAL— More personalized course
  • magosh- more accessible
  • e-GMAT— Best free trial
  • Kaplan— Best product offer
  • manhattan prep— Best personal experience
  • Preparation for the objective test— Best Online Course
  • Tutor GMAT de The Economist— Best for students with learning difficulties
  • The Princeton Review— Largest library of practice tests
  • PrepScholar- Best for busy schedules

Our ranking criteria

All of the prep courses featured on this list have a proven track record of helping students succeed on the GMAT. Other criteria we look at include your ability to fit into your schedule and whether individual instruction is available.

Flexible hours and adaptable formats

Many people who take the GMAT are not full-time students and therefore may not have all day to devote to studying. A course's flexibility, or lack thereof, played a big role in our course rankings, and we've included courses with face-to-face instruction, online on-demand, and live online.

personalized instruction

Every candidate needs a slightly different way to prepare for the GMAT, whether that means focusing on specific problem areas or learning how to be a more effective candidate. The best preparatory courses offer some form of one-on-one instruction, such as tutoring, that you can use to tailor your preparation strategy to suit your needs.

The best GMAT prep courses

college professors- First option

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (2)

This provider's expert tutors will help you achieve your highest possible GMAT score and offer a variety of different start dates and times to help you fit into your schedule. Its most affordable option, Small Group Classes ($599), involves 20 hours of live instruction with a few other students. Individual lessons are also available, and the popular GMAT Bundle plan offers a mix of group lessons and one-on-one training. All of these options include dozens of diagnostic tests, hundreds of practice questions, and two comprehensive GMAT practice exams.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (3)

Need to know:

  • $ 599- $ 1.599
  • Live, online and recorded class options available
  • Access to 2 practice exams
what we likewhat we don't like
  • Highly qualified instructors.
  • Personalized comments.
  • Cash back if score doesn't increase.
  • No face-to-face classes.

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examPAL— More personalized course

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (4)

What puts examPAL at the top of the list is its unique PALgorithm, which assigns you one of three categories (accurate, alternative or logical) based on how you answer the questions. Once you receive a type, examPAL creates custom lessons and offers interactive video sessions designed around your unique learning style. The algorithm also assigns practice questions and provides solutions that fully explain the questions and answers. As you progress through the course, you can enjoy expert advice and guidance on how to pass the GMAT. For a higher level of learning, examPAL offers a credit system that allows you to redeem additional practice questions or test credits for personalized training at no additional cost.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (5)

Need to know:

  • $ 599- $ 1.299
  • Online classes only
  • Access to 6 practice tests
what we likewhat we don't like
  • Personalized comments.
  • Cash back if score doesn't increase.
  • Personalized study plans.
  • No face-to-face classes.

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(Video) Best GMAT Prep Courses (2023 Rankings)

magosh- more accessible

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (6)

The Magoosh GMAT preparation course offers excellent value for money. For just $249, you get a full year of access to the best GMAT preparation materials, including videos, recorded lectures, sample questions, and practice tests. These resources not only help you prepare for the exam, but also equip you with world-class GMAT skills and strategies. By taking the practice tests, you will also improve your time management and reading comprehension skills. As you study, you can enjoy a user-friendly platform that allows you to quickly and easily access the course material of your choice. You also receive written and video explanations for all practice problems, helping you to fully understand the test questions.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (7)

Need to know:

  • $ 249- $ 599
  • Online classes available
  • 2+ practice tests
what we likewhat we don't like
  • Online tutoring available.
  • 7 day free trial.
  • Email support and help center.
  • Few practical tests.

To know more

e-GMAT— Best free trial

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (8)

The e-GMAT is a comprehensive preparation course that employs full-time, qualified instructors dedicated to developing and enhancing your intellectual and test-taking skills. Instructors are staffed by GMAT experts who have scored highly on the exam and are ready to share the insider knowledge that has helped them succeed. Another attractive feature of this prep course is its one-month free trial, which allows you to gain first-hand experience with the course before fully committing. When you register for the e-GMAT, you must take a "readiness test" that will identify your weaknesses. The preparatory course's unique algorithm will then configure a personalized study plan that seeks to strengthen these weaknesses and consequently improve your overall score.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (9)

Need to know:

  • $ 199- $ 399
  • Live and recorded online classes
  • 30 day free trial
what we likewhat we don't like
  • Long free trial.
  • No more practice tests.
  • Experienced instructors.
  • Tutoring is not offered.

To know more

Kaplan— Best product offer

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (10)

When it comes to preparing for the actual GMAT exam, Kaplan offers one of the most authentic experiences possible. You have the unique opportunity to take a practice exam in a real GMAT exam facility, testing your ability to adapt to a stressful environment. In addition to recreating the test-taking experience, the course offers over 5,000 practice questions. The platform also allows you to answer personalized questionnaires that aim to strengthen your weakest areas. When starting the course, you will receive a GMAT score based on your preliminary knowledge and skills. If this benchmark score does not improve by the end of the course, you can receive a full refund or repeat the course for free.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (11)

Need to know:

(Video) Best Online GMAT Prep Courses (Reviewed By 700+ Scorer)

  • $ 999- $ 2.599
  • Online classes available
  • free heads online
what we likewhat we don't like
  • 24/7 phone and live support.
  • Smart reports to track progress.
  • Practical quality tests.
  • Course content expires in 6 months.

To know more

manhattan prep— Best personal experience

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (12)

This comprehensive online course offers both interactive and face-to-face online courses, allowing you to choose a class that complements your desired learning style, fits your schedule, and meets your budget needs. Classes are relatively small, allowing instructors to cater to each student's individual needs and abilities. It features a unique curriculum written and taught by GMAT instructors who have managed to score in the 99th percentile of test takers. Designed to emulate the actual test, this syllabus also features expert advice on how to increase your GMAT score through time management tricks, test-taking techniques, and general tips.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (13)

Need to know:

  • $ 359- $ 2.699
  • In-person, live and online classes available
  • Phone, email and live chat support
what we likewhat we don't like
  • Instructors chosen at the 99th percentile.
  • Up to 6 practice tests.
  • Free trial for the first five lessons.
  • Added features are expensive.
  • No money back guarantee.

To know more

Preparation for the objective test— Best Online Course

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (14)

Target Test Prep promises to increase your score through customization and comprehensiveness. After an initial practice test, the course will analyze your skill level and offer customized tests designed to improve your performance. You are also given a "target score" to work with as you progress through the course. The course is divided into 20 chapters, and each chapter is divided into 500 lessons. Dividing topics into small chunks helps you to digest the course content more fully and easily. As a bonus for signing up for Target Test Prep services, you will have access to the new GMAT Verbal course at no additional cost. You also get direct coaching and feedback from leading GMAT experts.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (15)

Need to know:

  • $ 149- $ 499
  • online classes
  • customization options
what we likewhat we don't like
  • Templates for taking notes.
  • Interactive Study Calendar.
  • Creation of custom tests.
  • It does not support mobile apps.
  • Non-adaptive practical test.

To know more

Tutor GMAT de The Economist— Best for students with learning difficulties

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (16)

The Economist GMAT Tutor is designed to prepare students for the GMAT exam through a fully online platform. Users enjoy 24/7 access to the extensive library of course materials, including well-written online courses and practice tests that simulate reality. It also offers an "adaptability feature" that analyzes each student's unique skill set and identifies areas that are likely to give them trouble at test time. For your convenience, course resources can be accessed via a web browser and smartphone thanks to its mobile app. You can also select the learning style that best suits your needs: the course offers an individualized experience as well as private lessons.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (17)

(Video) Detailed GMAT Study Plan from March 2023 | Get Admitted in Round 1🎯

Need to know:

  • $ 359- $ 799
  • online classes
  • email support
what we likewhat we don't like
  • adaptive learning.
  • Mobile app option.
  • Self-paced learning option.
  • Caro.

To know more

The Princeton Review— Largest library of practice tests

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (18)

Preparing students for the GMAT exam since 1981, The Princeton Review offers a blend of authenticity and experience. With 10 customizable practice tests designed to reflect the actual questions and length of the exam, The Princeton Review can emulate the GMAT experience. Once you've completed the practice tests, you'll be assigned an instructor who will take the exam with you, point out areas you need to work on, and help you improve. The Princeton Review is so confident in your ability to improve your GMAT performance that if your score doesn't improve at the end, you can repeat the course at no additional cost.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (19)

Need to know:

  • $ 699- $ 1.749
  • In-person, online and private classes available
  • 14 days free trial
what we likewhat we don't like
  • 10 practice tests.
  • Complete essays.
  • Structured curriculum.
  • No mobile study app.

To know more

PrepScholar- Best for people with busy schedules

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (20)

PrepScholar offers a self-paced GMAT preparation package that can help you prepare in two, four or six months, depending on your needs and flexibility. The self-paced learning style makes PrepScholar particularly useful for students with busy schedules or other significant time commitments. The course provides a customized curriculum designed to meet your individual needs, improving your weakest test areas while maintaining your strongest ones. To help you familiarize yourself with the exam, you can prepare yourself with over a thousand questions and several practice tests. If you feel you need a higher level of assistance, you can request private tutoring with a qualified GMAT examiner.

Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (21)

Need to know:

  • $ 259
  • Live and recorded online classes available
  • money back guarantee
what we likewhat we don't like
  • Consult experts.
  • Four computer adaptive tests.
  • Individual options available.
  • Email support only.
  • Only 4 months of support.

To know more

Choose the GMAT preparation course that's right for you

There are several factors to consider when deciding which GMAT preparation course is best for you. Along with a proven track record of success, you need to consider your budget, the amount of time you have to prepare, and the level of preparation and training you feel you need.

Calculate preparation time

Find out when you'd like to take the GMAT test and find a prep course that can prepare you within that time frame. Alternatively, you can prepare fully before even registering for the exam. To help determine how much time you will need to prepare, consider taking an online practice test to assess your current skill level.

(Video) How I Scored 750 on the GMAT (Top 3 Best Resources, My Score History, Recommended Study Schedule)

Consider your learning style.

If you expect to succeed on the GMAT exam, you need to determine whatlearning styleto have. Whether you learn best by watching videos, listening to audio lectures, or reading and taking notes, there are preparation courses available that can complement your learning style.

compare costs

One of the most crucial features to consider is the cost of a prep course – at the end of the day, you need to stick to your target budget. Cost can also be a useful factor in narrowing down the different preparatory courses available to you. You should always look for discounts and coupons that can reduce the total price.

Look for the must-have features

A high-quality preparation course usually offers the following characteristics:

  • A free trial to assess whether the course meets your needs
  • A money-back guarantee if your score doesn't improve
  • Instructors who scored in the 99th percentile
  • 24/7 support

GMAT Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important dates for taking the GMAT?

There are no specific dates for the GMAT exam; he canregister for the exam onlineat any time of the year. Availability may vary depending on your location. Alternatively, you can takeGMAT on-lineon any day of your choice. Registration for the GMAT opens 6 months before the test date and you can change your registration information up to 24 hours before the test. Scores are generally available within 20 days.

Are there accommodations for people with disabilities?

the GMAT examaccommodatepeople with disabilities who meet the requirements set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If your condition is not covered by the ADA, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) will review your application and grant accommodations if deemed reasonable.

Where can I find practice tests?

Most of the prep courses listed offer GMAT practice tests as part of their course packages. You can also access free practice tests online, although usually only one or two are offered at a time by a test prep provider who charges for access to the practice tests.

How far in advance should I prepare?

It's a good idea to start practicing for the GMAT at least two to three months before the actual test. If you know you have weak areas that need strengthening, you can start a year before your scheduled test date.

How many practice tests do I have to take before the real exam?

On average, most students dotwo or three practice teststo determine whether or not they are ready for the exam. However, each individual should continue to take practice tests until they are satisfied with their scores and ready to tackle the real issue.

What is the length of most GMAT preparation courses?

Many of the GMAT preparation courses listed here take an average of two to three months. However, there are courses that claim to prepare you for the GMAT in just two weeks, while others can take up to six months.

Is GMAT preparation worth it?

Ultimately, the benefits of a GMAT preparation course far outweigh the costs. Learning under the guidance of experienced test takers and instructors can improve your score and speed up the learning process, preparing you for the exam faster and more thoroughly than you might expect.

How much does GMAT preparation cost?

The listed GMAT preparation courses offer different prices for their services, ranging from one-time fees to monthly subscriptions. Some courses also offer different plans at different prices. This table helps you compare prices.

CoursePrice range

college professors

  • Small group classes:$ 599
  • Pacote GMAT:$ 1.599
  • Tutoria on-line individual:$102/hour


  • Genius:$ 1.299
  • Award:$ 899
  • amount:$ 599


  • Self study:$ 249
  • Guided study:$ 599


  • In focus:$ 199
  • Intensive:$ 299
  • 360:$ 399


  • On demand:$ 999
  • Live course:$ 1.599
  • Tutorials:$ 2.450
  • Training camp:$ 2.599

manhattan prep

  • Excellent GMAT Prep Options
    • Private Lessons: 10h package starting at $2,450
    • Interact™ GMAT Course: From $549
  • Instructor-Led GMAT Preparation Options
    • GMAT Boot Camps: Starting at $2,699
    • Live GMAT Course: From $1,599
    • Advanced GMAT Course: Starting at $1,399
    • GMAT Interact™ + Coaching: Desde US$ 1.399
  • Self-guided preparation options
    • GMAT Interact™: Desde $999
    • GMAT self-study tools kit: US$ 359

Preparation for the objective test

  • flexible preparation:$149/month
  • Dedicated Studio:$449/4 months
  • Maximum Learning:$499/6 months

Tutor GMAT de The Economist

  • Basic:$359 for 2 months
  • Award:$559 for 3 months
  • Genius:$799 for 6 months

The Princeton Review

  • Own pace:$ 699
  • Fundamentals:$ 1.299
  • GMAT 700+:$ 1.749
  • private lessons:$167/hour


  • $ 259

additional resources

The best MBA programs

The Best MBA Programs Without Requiring a GMAT

(Video) GMAT Prep: Kaplan vs Princeton Review vs Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep vs PrepScholar

The best business administration programs


Top 10 2023 GMAT Prep Courses and Classes - Smart? ›

Is The Manhattan Prep GMAT Course Worth It? After testing the GMAT courses from Manhattan Prep, our team does think their prep courses are worth the money. Yes, they are slightly more expensive than competitors, but its their video lessons, live classes, and prep books that push them over the edge.

What is the best prep course for GMAT? ›

Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2023
  • Best Overall: Magoosh.
  • Best Free Course: GMAT Official Starter Kit.
  • Best Online Course: Kaplan.
  • Best In-Person Course: Princeton Review.
  • Best Score Improvement Guarantee: TestMasters.
  • Best on a Budget: PrepScholar.

Which online classes is best for GMAT? ›

Read about the eight best GMAT prep courses below.
  • GMAT Official Starter Kit. Official GMAT prep materials offer several options for test-takers on low budgets. ...
  • Magoosh. ...
  • The Princeton Review. ...
  • Kaplan. ...
  • Manhattan Prep. ...
  • PrepScholar. ...
  • Veritas Prep. ...
  • The Economist.

Are GMAT prep courses worth it? ›

Is The Manhattan Prep GMAT Course Worth It? After testing the GMAT courses from Manhattan Prep, our team does think their prep courses are worth the money. Yes, they are slightly more expensive than competitors, but its their video lessons, live classes, and prep books that push them over the edge.

Is 3 months enough time to study for GMAT? ›

While some test-takers try completing GMAT preparation in 2 months, we highly recommend having a 3-month plan for effective preparation.

Is 3 weeks enough to study for GMAT? ›

I claim that there is another way to excel on the GMAT. The total of about 3 weeks of preparation yielded me a result of 760 points in my first and only sitting of the exam, equivalent to the prestigious 99th percentile of all test takers.

Are 4 months enough to prepare for GMAT? ›

The ideal GMAT preparation duration, rather, depends upon such critical factors as your target GMAT score, your understanding of concepts tested on GMAT, and your work schedule. Thus, while a month may be enough GMAT preparation time for some, four months may not be sufficient for others.

Is Kaplan or Princeton Review better for GMAT? ›

Though Kaplan's live classes are certainty good, Princeton Review takes the edge here. Taught by highly skilled instructors, their live classes are engaging and highly effective in delivering the content needed to pass the exam. GMAT Prep Books: Tie.

What are the disadvantages of GMAT online? ›

Potential stability issues. Unfortunately, while online testing provides a convenient alternative to in-person testing, it is still far from perfect. Many test-takers have had negative experiences with their online GMAT test, such as connection loss, screen freezing up, webcam feed breaking up etc.

How many hours should I study for GMAT? ›

How long does GMAT prep take? Remember, studying for the GMAT takes time. Plan to spend about two to three months and 100–120 hours reviewing material and practicing regularly. The top scorers on the GMAT spend 120+ hours, on average, studying for Test Day over a period of time.

Is Magoosh better than Princeton Review for GMAT? ›

Yes, both Magoosh and Princeton Review offer score increase guarantees for their GMAT courses. Magoosh offers a +50 point total score guarantee, while Princeton Review offers a more general “better score” guarantee. The one exception is Princeton Review's 700+ course, which promises a score of 700 or better.

Is Kaplan the best GMAT prep? ›

Kaplan's classes are taught by some of the best instructors in the business. They are all 99th percentile GMAT scorers and have undergone additional teaching training with Manhattan.

Is 1 year enough for GMAT preparation? ›

You can go up to a year of preparation, or just require the 2-6 months of preparation time for the GMAT, completely dependent on your individual knowledge level. Generally, as a rule of thumb, students give about 15 hours to study in a week. That comes to about 100-120 hours in around 6-8 weeks time.

How hard is it to get 650 on GMAT? ›

Getting 650 on GMAT is not easy. 73% of test takers score less than 650. Hitting the score requires 60-90 hours of preparation spread across 1-2 months. Also, scoring 650 on GMAT requires thorough knowledge of easy and medium concepts and a working knowledge of hard concepts.

Can I score 750 in GMAT in 3 months? ›

8 to 12 hours in a week – around 40-45 hours per month. Thus, to move up from 500-600 score to 700-750 score, for example, you possibly require around 3 months – that's 120-135 hours approx.

How to increase GMAT score from 500 to 700? ›

FAQs – Top 8 Tips to Improve your GMAT Score
  1. Know all about the GMAT exam.
  2. Look for the Best GMAT preparation resources.
  3. Have a personalized study plan.
  4. Follow sub-section strategies.
  5. Learn the concepts right and then practice questions.
  6. Follow Exam day test strategies.

How hard is it to get 700 on GMAT? ›

In general, getting 700 on GMAT is hard. It requires an incredible amount of preparation and skill. You'll need to solve tough math problems, apply advanced grammar rules, and extract meaning from dense text and data. 88% of people taking the GMAT score less than 700.

How many hours study to get 700 GMAT? ›

The 700 benchmark: Common Obstacles

Indeed, for most people to raise his or her score by 100 points they'll need approximately 200 to 250 hours of study time. That is, if your initial test score comes in at 550, you would need something in the order of 300 to 350 hours of study time to reach the 700 level.

What kind of math is on the GMAT? ›

The GMAT tests your ability to do the following: Manipulate fractions, decimals, and ratios (as well as convert among the three). Understand the properties and concepts of real numbers (such as odds and evens, integers, and multiples). Work with percentages.

How hard is it to get 750 on GMAT? ›

First, you must understand that a score of 750+ in GMAT corresponds to a 99 percentile. This means that only 1 percent of the students taking GMAT have scored more than 750.

What are the best months to take GMAT? ›

Try to take the GMAT about a year prior to your expected entrance into Business School—preferably any time during the summer or early fall. The deadline for taking the GMAT will vary dramatically depending on the admission procedures of each school to which you apply, and the term in which you are planning to enroll.

Does the GMAT get progressively harder? ›

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test (CAT), meaning the difficulty changes depending on the answers you give. If you're doing well on the exam, the questions become more challenging as you go. Conversely, follow-up questions become easier for those struggling with the test.

Is Kaplan harder than real GMAT? ›

It all depends on the GMAT practice test you use. Some companies like Kaplan and Magoosh provide practice tests that are equal in difficulty to the real GMAT, while other prep providers' exams aren't as tough.

Should I do Magoosh or Kaplan GMAT? ›

Magoosh and Kaplan are very different prep courses, but in the end, we have to give Kaplan the win. Their prep courses are just more comprehensive in terms of both volume and quality of study materials. This especially holds true if you're looking for live classes or hardcopy prep books.

Is Magoosh the best GMAT prep? ›

Verdict: Magoosh GMAT Prep Course Review

Their video-based lessons are extremely thorough and cover subtopics that might possibly be encountered on that GMAT, and their practice problem explanations are on par with some of the big boys in the test prep space.

How to prepare for 750 on the GMAT? ›

How To Get A 750+ GMAT Score—In 4 Simple Steps
  1. Commit 60-to-100 hours of your time. The most fool proof way to improve at the GMAT is to put a serious number of hours into prep work. ...
  2. Relearn all the relevant content. ...
  3. Practice and review. ...
  4. Consider tutoring.
Feb 20, 2018

How can I get 700 in GMAT? ›

How to Get a 700+ GMAT Score
  1. Take the GMAT exam seriously. ...
  2. Official guides and GMAT test prep software are a must. ...
  3. Keep an error log. ...
  4. Pace yourself. ...
  5. When taking a practice test, take it entirely. ...
  6. Adapt your study. ...
  7. Rest is everything. ...
  8. Schedule the GMAT exam for the time of the day when you are at your best.

Should I use Kaplan or Princeton? ›

The primary difference between the Kaplan and Princeton Review MCAT offerings revolves around instruction. Kaplan provides better quality on demand, video-based instruction, while we tend to like the quantity and approach of Princeton's live classes better.

Can anyone get 780 on GMAT? ›

Of course! GMAT 780 corresponds to the 99th percentile. Only a few test takers get such a high score on the GMAT. GMAT 780 percentile?

Is 590 a bad GMAT score? ›

To score higher than half of all test takers, you need a Total Score above 590 to 600. To score among the top 25 percent of test takers, you'd need to score about 660. To be among the most competitive class—the top 10 percent of test takers— you'd want to aim for a score around 710 or higher.

How can I ace my GMAT in 3 months? ›

Before you begin prepping for the GMAT in three months, you'll need to identify which study materials will help you achieve your target GMAT score.
  1. GMAT Handbook. ...
  2. Full-Length Practice Tests. ...
  3. Practice Questions. ...
  4. Prep Books. ...
  5. Online calendar. ...
  6. Take a class. ...
  7. Bootcamps.
Oct 5, 2022

What is the average first GMAT score? ›

The average GMAT score is 574.51. The average GMAT Verbal score is 27.51. The average GMAT Quant score is 41.3. The average GMAT AWA score is 4.43.

Can I get into Harvard with 700 GMAT? ›

The GMAT cut off range for US universities is one of the highest. Stanford's cut-off range is the highest among American Business Schools followed by other famous business schools. The GMAT cut-off for Harvard is 729 followed by Columbia, Dartmouth, and MIT with scores of 720+.

Does anyone get 800 on GMAT? ›

So, we can see why, according to the Graduate Management Admissions Council, fewer than 50 people out of the over 200,000 people who take the GMAT each year score a perfect 800. Getting all the questions on the GMAT correct is not easy.

Is it easy to get 800 on GMAT? ›

Scoring a perfect 800 on GMAT is considered to be an almost unachievable task. However, it is not impossible. There have been many students in the past who have managed to pull off this feat, and all it took them was a proper study plan that they executed properly.


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