Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Pricing and Benefits (2023)

What stands out on this site


I don't like to criticize anyone's creative choices, but to be honest, when I opened I got the shock of my life - and not in a good way! Coloring is catastrophic. Red, white, green, yellow, black: everything collides and becomes overwhelming in a few seconds. The text is small and may be difficult for some people to read. Details of varying relevance are offered left and right, and I had no idea where to look first. The company was born in 2016, so I don't know why its design is so gaudy and outdated. Sections are also chaotic. If you want to see prices, types of services, and security information, you won't find them because everything is crammed with samples, tools, author profiles, and other advertisements.

AnyProfessional help site for coursesI should review its content, but I didn't see it in my review. Grammar, punctuation and style errors are everywhere. Just look at this example: "If you can't find something good for your job..." What does that mean? The content is also generic and uninspiring. The only positive thing is that students can see how many authors are online when they access the site. This can give them an idea of ​​how long they might have to wait before a specialist notices their request. Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Pricing and Benefits (1)

Free trial services and samples


Is StudyMoose good in terms of range of services? In truth. He has three main types of help and is reluctant to accept other commands. Students can request writing, grading, revising, and rewriting. Editing, online assignments, panel assignments and exams are prohibited. At Better News, numerous disciplines are available and you can choose any of them from Nursing to Business and Engineering. Another great thing not to miss is the rehearsals. these are theThe best essay examplesby writers who share businesses in hopes of attracting a wider audience. StudyMoose is proud of its collection. 74,025 samples is no joke and to see if it's worth it I picked one and analyzed it.

Title: Emile Durkheim's theory of crime and the causality of crime

Longo:8 pages

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To analyze:This is a lazy paper example that few students could benefit from. Its formatting is terrible: caps lock is used when it shouldn't be, strange numbers precede letters, informal elements like "etc." they're used. Some paragraphs are only one sentence long, which is unacceptable; Repetitions, grammatical problems and non-academic fonts further worsen the picture. Some ideas are good and if you are interested in Durkheim you might find some useful information here, but overall the quality of this sampler is not satisfactory.

Quality:low to medium Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Pricing and Benefits (2)

Study Moose Privacy and Quality Guarantees


StudyMoose reviews say nothing about policies, and this shows a sad tendency to be overlooked. Most students care about price and quality: they disregard their safety and blindly hope for the best. So I'm just trying to find the best essaysOnline editing of resumesFor my readers, you can get this information directly from my review. StudyMoose is not a secure provider. In its privacy policy, it openly states that it will take steps to verify your identity, will continue to store your information even after you close your account, and that the security of your information is "entirely at your own risk".

Things with quality are not better. Yes, as Study Moose reviews show, this agency has refunds and reviews, but getting them is next to impossible. Did you download your newspaper? That's it, you won't get your money back even if your author is very late. Has a horrible role, but didn't mark everything wrong with it? You can say goodbye to your money in a moment. You must write a full essay describing the errors within 14 days for the team to consider your request.

Real and AI Operators


Several reviews have mentioned Amy, an AI helper who can explain what to do with your order. It's well made and communicates perfectly, but I don't understand its purpose. customers ofbest paper writer servicecould just use an order form with the same results. The human operators are quick but remain understanding before you place your order. After that, their attitude can suddenly change. I got two rude people who ignored my questions, said I was making something up and left me waiting for hours.

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Was my role everything I wanted?


For a detailed StudyMoose review, I asked for a criminology paper with the usual parameters: 5 pages with a 10-day deadline. The theme was simple - a typical high school project. It cost me $100 which is expensive. I asked my author if the essay was going well and they assured me it was. But when the time came, my role wasn't ready. I contacted everyone I could reach and received nothing but apologies until almost a day later when the paper finally arrived. As I asked for review, I downloaded and lost the option to refund my money.

It had over 170 errors. The StudyMoose assessments did not prepare me for this. And those mistakes were real problems - grammar didn't mix up words or rules, my author did. It's like they're trying to spell everything wrong. What shocked me the most was the satisfaction. My topic was very simple and yet the author didn't do any research! You rewrote some Wikipedia stuff. That was it. The books I ordered from them were apparently never opened. It was objectively terrible work. Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Pricing and Benefits (4)

Steps to place an order


Asking academic questions should be easy. StudyMoose provides a lot of unnecessary detail. They're intuitive, but I found many of them redundant.

  1. Talk to Amy. After clicking Hire Author, you need to tell AI assistant Amy what role you have, how long it lasts, and when you need it.
  2. select authors. Amy will pick some experts for you, but you don't have to use them. Browse the profiles of writers you like, respond to those who have made you offers, and choose the one you like best and whose services you can afford.
  3. check order. Add files and instructions in case you forgot them, check that everything is correct and move on to the next step.
  4. add funds. Reload your account with cash.
  5. read your work. As you heard in this StudyMoose review, only open your work if it arrives on time. If it's too late and you don't need it, don't touch it or you won't get a refund. If the time suits you, read it as soon as possible: ask an author to proofread it in case of problems. Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Pricing and Benefits (5)

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Price: a bidding system


The minimum price on EssayMoose is $13.90 per page, but that's not a guarantee. The company uses a bidding system where each author decides how much he wants to earn. You can also express your own preferences and set your budget, but if it's too low, you won't find an expert. That's why I rate this category 5 stars: bids mean no set fee. However, it's not worth noting that the majority of StudyMoose reviews seem happy with the prices it receives.

How talented are these specialists?


I don't doubt that some StudyMoose authors are professionals, but it's those with missing references that present a problem. Communication with them can be good, but incredibly successful profiles with fake photos and scary names make things dodgy from the start. Some authors seem desperate and lie that they read all the instructions: in my case I haven't even shared them yet, but some people have already gone to my inbox claiming that they understood everything perfectly. The author I chose turned out to be completely clueless and illiterate. Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Pricing and Benefits (6)

Is there a way to request a quick review?


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According to the company, customers have to wait about 7 days for the revised wording to be ready. But even then, you'd have to go through hell before the aftercare team would approve your order. You must present it in writing, explain your complaint in detail and be ready to defend it if no one is willing to help you at first. I did it all. My revised essay came much later and looked the same. No efficiency or work on bugs in sight.

More tools for students


Several StudyMoose reviews are positive for free tools and I understand their satisfaction. The company has worked hard to include several academic elements that can make life easier for students. Free examples, plagiarism checker, thesis generator and literacy tool - you can use them all in minutes. If you are too lazy to write the last paragraph, use the conclusion generator. In case of plagiarism, apply an essay rewriter or paraphrase tool. Why 5 stars? Because the quality of these tools is not the highest. It's the same as with samples: not all tools are efficient, and some of them lag, like, for example, B. Rewriters.

Study moose ratings


There are not many reviews about StudyMoose. The ones I encountered vary, but the negativity is staggering. The company's social networks are also not encouraging.

SiteJabber Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Pricing and Benefits (7)

This is clearly a real customer as it credits its author; the support response confirms your identity. As I mentioned earlier, fake names and credentials speak for themselves: most of these guys are not professors or experts.

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TrustPilot Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Pricing and Benefits (8)

50 assessments available, all of a mixed nature. Check this one out: it mentions inefficient and low-quality reviews, the same issues I faced. Management's response confirms that the review is genuine.

social media

StudyMoose is on Facebook, but the page was last updated in 2019. There's nothing to see there. He has an active Twitter that he posts frequently and while I like them there is no customer engagement there.


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