How to use candle magick for manifestation, healing and more (2023)

How many times have you come home after a long, stressful day,lit a candlein your bedroom, and immediately felt like itplacemore relaxed? The chances are many times. Have you ever thought that there might be a bit of magic behind this rituallight a candleand reset the vibrations in your room?

Candles have been used as tools in spiritual ceremonies since the Stone Age, and are used by countless theologies to this day. For practitioners of magic, different candles are used for different rituals, incantations and incantations - all of which have the power to evoke (or dispel) positive and negative energies,wishes and goals, and more.

"What I love about candle magic is that it's a way to channel your intention," says Sarah Potter, tarot reader, psychic, and professional witch. “You really don't need anything outside of yourself to make magic happen. But when we have these tools, it reinforces these intentions, supports us, gives us something to focus on... The light becomes a vessel for the intention."

Meet the experts:

Sarah Potteris a tarot reader, psychic and professional witch.

Frankie Castaneais an Italian-American folk witch and authorChange Spells: A Guide for Modern Witches.

It might be a familiar practice, but incorporating candle magic into your daily routine is actually a lot easier than you think. In fact, you might be doing a little candle magicalreadywithout knowing it. From the basics of candle magic to the meaning behind each color, here's everything you need to know about creating your first candle ritual and (literally) starting your candle magic journey.

What is candle magic?

When you use a candle tomeditate, manifest or set an intention, that's the magic of the candle. In terms of traditional witchcraft practice, however, candle magic is when the candle becomes your primary tool for creating a spell. How you cast your spell is of course up to you.

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Witches will use different types of candles based on their practice. According to Frankie Castanea, Italian-American folk witch and authorChange Spells: A Guide for Modern Witches, for example "it is very traditional to get glass prayer candles and pray over them or do it with the nine-day prayer."

MEGA LEYS Unscented taper candles

How to use candle magick for manifestation, healing and more (1)

MEGA LEYS Unscented taper candles

But if you're more into eclectic witchcraft or just starting out on your magical journey, you might want to use bell candles—colorful, thin little candles that are readily available and cheap online and in any metaphysical store you come across. That said, it's all about finding what works best for you. Other styles of candles you can choose are pointed candles, pillar candles, votives, tea lights, and even intricately shaped candles that have special meanings.

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"Candles are like batteries: The bigger the candle and the longer it burns, the more energy will be directed at your target," says Castanea. "You can use it as part of a spell, you can make a candle on its own, you can use a candle to represent a person or thing, you can use a candle to absorb negativity - the possibilities are endless."

What are the different meanings of candle colors?

Depending on the type of spell you want to cast, the intention you're trying to set, or the energy you're trying to invoke, you'll want to use different colored candles, each with their own magical meaning. Here is a summary according to Potter and Castanea:


White is about new beginnings: You can choose to light a white candle when you are about to enter unknown territory in your life. White candles are also your best friend when it comes to cleansing and purification. Since white is a bit of a blank canvas, these lights are also universal when it comes to magic - but more on that later.


While the white can be used to bring in positive energy, you will use the black candle to release negative energy or for any dispelling spell. Just as white represents beginnings, black will be the light you reach for when it comes to endings, healing and loss. If in doubt, always have a black candle on hand for protection or protectionremove negative energy.

"Take a black candle and light it whenever you feel like the evil eye is around you or someone has ruined you," says Castanea. "Black will absorb that negativity."


Red is one of the most intense colors in the rainbow. Representationelement of fire, red can be used for spells that have something to do with protection, strength and courage. Red also represents passion, desire and sex, as well as power. "Red is really great if you want a promotion at work or if you want to show authority," says Potter.


Blue representsthe natural element of water, and has everything to do with healing, serenity and peace. Dark blue will also represent honesty and truth. Therefore, you could turn on a blue light to clarify the situation.


Courage, success and confidence all come to mind with the color yellow, but what do you want?reallyyou want to polish yourself with a yellow light is joy. "I always think yellow is good for your birthday to celebrate the return of the sun and bring in all the good energy," says Potter. Yellow candles will representair element, and can be used for intellect or focus related spells.


Color offnatural element earth, brown candles can be used for all spells dealing with domestic affairs as well as all material things. Have you lost something? Potter suggests lighting a brown light to make it easier to find. That discontinued tube of lipstick you lost three months ago is coming backgenuinefast. Brown will also be the candle to reach for when dealing with animals or when casting a spell for your pets.


Money, money, money. Green is about thateconomy, prosperity and happiness. Each money spell requires a candle with a green bellthego. Green also represents growth and can be used for spells dealing with fertility, setting new intentions and health. "We can always use more greens," says Potter. "Green is abundance in all its forms."


Unlike the intensity and luster associated with red candles, pink candles are about tenderness. "If you wanta new crush on someone, you'll reach for a pink candle," notes Potter. "If you've been angry, take a pink candle and invite compassion, self-love, self-acceptance."


Orange is the color of reconciliation and attraction. You'll also want to reach for an orange light when you need a little creativity. This candle color is sure to get you out of a rut.


According to Potter, purple is the most magical color in the rainbow. Representing the divine feminine, purple candles can be used for spells that work with justice, mediation, healing, independence and wisdom.


"Silver is a deeply introspective color," says Potter. "It isthe energy of the moon.” You will use the silver light when it comes to spells related to intuition, purification, and healing. Keep silver light handy if you find you need to call upon the powers of the various celestial bodies.


Gold is the color of the divine masculine and represents the sun. Use the golden light for spells dealing with wealth, prosperity, ambition and luck.

Do you know how to combine candle colors?

While most spells can be cast with a single intent, others may require a bit of layering. In this case, you can certainly combine the colors of the candles.

"I like to work with a black and white candle when I'm making cuts, which is when we release energy supplements," says Potter. "When we get rid of something, we create space for something new, so we want to be very conscious of what we fill that space with. We use the color black to release the negative energy, but we also want to introduce something new.”

As for other light combinations, you can choose color combinations like green and pink for self-love, light blue and pink for home harmony, or blue and yellow if something in your life just doesn't make sense. "Yellow brightens, blue clears," Potter notes.

What if you only have a white candle?

Do not worry! Remember how white candles are universal? If you only have access to white candles, you can use them to summon... well, whatever you need. Experts suggest enhancing it further by using herbs, oils, sigils or crystals that represent the meaning behind your intention or spell when lighting a white candle.

An easy way to achieve this with a white bell candle is to anoint your candle with natural oils such as eucalyptus for healing, peppermint for money, or cinnamon for passion. A good rule of thumb for anointing a candle? "If you try to bring something in, it rolls against you," Castanea explains. "If you try to push something away, roll it away."

You can also choose to surround your candle with special herbs and crystals - such as rosemary and obsidian for protection - or carve characters into the candle's wax. "A sigil is a visual emblem that you create with direct intent," notes Potter. "The more you work, the more languages ​​you will create. Carve them thoughtfully into a candle to imbue more magic."

How is the lighting ritual performed?

Now that you understand the meaning of the candle color, it's time to start your first candle magic spell. But before we start talking about how to perform the lighting ritual, it is important to talk about fire safety.Constantbe sure to place the candle on a fireproof surface, make sure there is nothing above or near the candle that can easily burn, and keep pets and children away from your candle. Finally,neverleave a candle burning in your home unattended.

    kužiš Now let's get down to the fun stuff.

    First step: Give yourself time and space to start your ritual.This is the key, says Potter. For all witches, being in the right place is crucial when doing any kind of magic.

    Step Two: Set up your altar.An altar is what you make it: you can set up your altar according to the seasons, as a shrine to different deities, to a new orFull moon, or with talismans that represent your intentions with magic. Your altar can be as simple as a unique candle on your bedside table.

    Step Three: Cleanse your space and candle.There are countless ways to remove the energy from a room or object, notes Potter. While her preferred method is with a selenite wand, you can choose to cleanse with smoke, aromatic mists, or even sound.

    Step Four: Dress your candle.Those herbs, oils and crystals you learned about earlier? Now is their time to shine.

    Step Five: Breathe.This is important: close your eyes and take a deep breath.

    Step Six: State your intention.You can literally say your intention out loud while holding a candle, says Potter. Focus and visualize whatever you are looking for.

    Step Seven: Make the Magic Happen."Feel the intention coming into being in every part of your being and turn on the light," says Potter.

    Step 8: Complete your ritual.If you use a bell candle, you can let it burn down completely. "You can experience that magic in one evening," says Potter. If you are using a taper candle or pillar candle, you can burn the candle for a few minutes each day during the time you are manifesting.

    Different lighting rituals produce different results. Your candle can eventalefor you. "Black smoke or white smoke means negative influences or spiritual influences. Pops and pops usually mean something like someone is trying to talk to you – you're receiving messages," explains Castanea.

    The key to any ritual, however, is to give yourself and your practice reverence and respect, says Potter. At the end of the day, these fundamentals—and your own inner strength—will get you where you need to go.

    How to use candle magick for manifestation, healing and more (3)

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