essays for sale for college and university (2023)

Courtesy of our professional writers and custom solutions, students looking for affordable essays can't go wrong with StudyMoose. Our offerings are not only available at unbeatable prices, but are curated by exceptionally talented minds who have been dedicated to their craft for decades.

StudyMoose recognizes the importance of quality writing and its impact on its academics. But there is often a problem with getting excellent essays online for sale, and that is the cost they come from different agencies for.

And these are experts in various academic fields, each with unique skills and knowledge. Outputting English essays for sale is their only priority, which explains why our customers are always satisfied. So whatever type of service you require, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver optimal results. Contacting us is your gateway to academic freedom.

The general structure of the essay

A good essay for sale flows beautifully. A standard structure dictates what each essay should look like. Whether you need to write a personal statement, narrative essay, argumentative article, dissertation, or anything else, there is a three-part structure common to almost all articles. Few can be written without this three-part structure. The structure consists of an introduction, a main part and a conclusion.


With this part of the essay you will have the first thing readers will have when they read your work. When hiring copywriting services, make sure the introduction is among the first things you check upon completion. The introduction should provide a basic overview of the entire work, holding the reader's attention. There are many ways to grab readers' attention, including using a personal story, anecdotes, and the like. The key is to make sure the reader is hooked within the first few sentences.

Another critical aspect to note in the introduction is the thesis statement. There are even some writers whose only job is to develop thesis statements. A thesis statement is a detailed sentence or two that concludes the introduction and states the main topic explored in your essay. The rest of your work will go back into the thesis, so it's important to have a strong and compact thesis.


Of all the essay parts for sale, the body contains the most information. It consists of numerous paragraphs that explain the thesis statements. The structure vaguely alluded to in the introduction is fully explored in the body. Each point has its own set of topics and is developed in its paragraph. In addition to the defined topic, paragraphs contain enough information to explain and reference them.

One of the important things to keep in mind is separating paragraphs by their topic sentences. A paragraph should not contain two opposing ideas. Most of the sample papers you buy have strict guidelines where topic sentences are only developed in single paragraphs. The goal is a well-flowing essay that doesn't jump from one argument to the next. The body can contain two or more paragraphs, depending on the length requirement.

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The body type also depends on the type of essay to be written. For example, for argumentative articles, the body should contain paragraphs that primarily support the author's point of view and one or two highlighting the contradiction. However, the last paragraph before the conclusion should critique the counterargument against the author's point of view. Therefore, when paying for work to be written, clearly state what type of writing you would like.


As the last part of the essay, its main objective is to summarize all the points presented in the work. There is a common understanding with the conclusion that one should reformulate the thesis statement in a very different way. The conclusion should also resume the essential points and finally state a position. There are cases where author recommendations are expected, but this is entirely up to the author.

Citing an essay on sales

Academic writing has its own set of rules. When you get help writing, you often need to refer to sources you've studied in class or obtained online. There are numerous free magazines, articles, and journals that you can incorporate into your essays to make them more appropriate. The citation part of the letter requires textual and bibliographic presentation. It would be helpful to remember that citation format is closely related to the style of formatting required by the instructor.

Default formatting styles for an essay for sale

In academia, there are several styles of formatting, each with its own requirements. Typically, when issuing an assignment, the instructor will want to specify which formatting style to use. The most common ones include APA, MLA, CMS, Chicago, Turabian, and more. With these formatting styles, the instructor specified the title page, in-text citation, character placement on the final reference page, and even page numbering.

Those who provide typing services are very familiar with these formatting styles. Your main goal is to develop a comprehensive article with all the necessary components, including formatting. There are also online tools that offer a free sample of the required formatting template. Before paying for a typing service, it's important to provide information about the formatting style you intend to use in your work.

Payment options available for essays for sale

When you buy essays for sale on our website, you can be confident that your financial information is safe and secure. Our payment system is encrypted and regularly audited to ensure that your personal and financial information is always protected. In addition, all transactions are processed in real time, so that all papers reach their owners quickly and easily.

So what payment options are available on StudyMoose? Let's take a look:


One of the most widely accepted credit cards in the world, Visa is a convenient option when purchasing essays on StudyMoose. Simply enter your visa information at checkout and your documents will be on their way in no time.


A popular option for purchasing essays on StudyMoose is MasterCard. This credit card is accepted at millions of locations around the world, making it a convenient choice for customers.

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american express

American Express is another credit card option for purchasing essays. With a reputation for quality customer service and secure transactions, you can handle your purchases with the utmost care and professionalism when using American Express.


We also accept Discover for Essays for Sale purchases on StudyMoose, thanks to its easy setup and secure payment features. No matter which payment method you prefer, you are sure to find a convenient and secure option on StudyMoose.

custom tests for sale

It is well known that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to writing academic papers. As such, StudyMoose offers custom papers to ensure each client's unique desires are met. So if your order "write my personal statement' or 'Write a descriptive essay about an event, you can be sure it will be covered by experts.

When placing an order, you have the opportunity to provide the exact specifications of your order, e.g. B. the length, type of fastening and any specific requirements. You also suggest what tone you prefer when writing, not to mention we build a profile based on your responses.

Lest we forget, our user-friendly website design is another good reason to use our writing service. A user-friendly website also lets you browse with your eyes closed, it's easier to provide the exact specs you want. Likewise, you can keep in touch with us while we create your order, so that corrections are almost implemented. We optimize until you are satisfied.

Writing Types for Sale: A Wide Range of Options on StudyMoose

There are thousands of original items for sale on StudyMoose, so it's only natural that they are of different types.

Other types of college essays for sale on StudyMoose are:

  • Autobiography

  • cause and effect

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  • University

  • compare and contrast

  • Exhibition

  • Narrative

  • convincing

  • research work

  • Satire

Hire copywriters: professionals for students

Tons of benefits are available if youpay to have written paperby StudyMoose. This is understandable given the quality of the professionals who carry out each task and their great commitment. However, we are going to highlight just five of those benefits, namely:

on call service

We have a team of experienced essayists who can help you whenever you need it. If you're struggling with a complex task or don't have the time to complete it, our team is here to help.

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guaranteed quality

StudyMoose's commitment to quality is evident. All of our academic essays for sale are carefully researched and written to meet the highest academic writing standards. Our writers are masters of their respective niches and deliver the best work possible.

meeting deadlines

A great essay can be useless if you don't meet the deadline. That's why we work day and night to make sure our customers receive their products before the set dates. We deliver within weeks, days and hours!

Customer service

Our customer service department is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have and we work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your experience.

total excellence

Offering the best to our customers is our only motivation. That's why we offer affordable prices, quality content and a team of experts dedicated to helping you succeed.

Only high-quality, plagiarism-free essays for sale on StudyMoose

Two factors are critical to creating an excellent essay: an author who fully understands the work and a reliable system of cross-checking.

Our team of copywriters are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to delivering fantastic work to clients. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide range of subjects and strive to produce essays that are both informative and engaging. We also implement stringent quality control measures to ensure each order meets our high standards.

Furthermore, we at StudyMoose are 100% against plagiarism. Because we know the consequences that plagiarism can have for you. And guess what? We don't just rely on our genius writers who haven't made mistakes for years.


Packing essays for sale is no longer a strange phenomenon. With the right amount of money, anyone can buy a well-written work online. The price is usually cheap and depends on the number of pages, paper type and other components. So you have no excuse for not getting good grades when you can easily get a professionally written article or even buy guidance on how to write your article.


Can I buy a college essay? ›

Even if you are good at writing, sometimes ideas don't flow. In this case, it's a good idea to buy college essay. Many students decide to buy college essays. There are lots of websites that offer writing services and professional help.

Is it illegal to pay someone to write your college essay? ›

It's pay someone to write your paper not legal to pay an individual to write your paper. It could make you appear unprofessional and put yourself at a disadvantage in comparison to other students. The use of plagiarism is also considered illegal.

How much are college essays worth? ›

At the top 250 schools, your essays generally account for 25% of your overall application. This is only slightly behind the 30% for extracurriculars. Essays are actually ahead of the 20% for grades and coursework, 15% for test scores, and 10% for recommendations and interviews.

Is it OK to buy an essay? ›

Buying essays online is completely safe as long as they are written by a well-qualified professional writer from scratch.

Has anyone ever bought an essay online? ›

Tens of thousands of students are believed to have bought essays online and submitted them to university tutors, a practice known as “contract plagiarism”.

Where is the best place to buy an essay online? ›

The best place to order an essay online is PaperHelp that provides customers with high-quality, original content written by experienced and qualified writers. They offer a fast turnaround time as well as discounts for bulk orders and extended deadlines.

Do colleges plagiarize check essays? ›

Consequences of Plagiarism in a College Application

The college admission committee will reject applications if they find strong evidence of plagiarism in admission essays. Such an action is a warning for students to not fail in complying with the codes of conduct that affect academic integrity.

Can you get caught if you pay someone to write your essay? ›

Can you get caught using an essay writing service? Yes, if you hire a low-rated essay writing service, you could get detected. There are major penalties for students who purchase poorly written essays and papers from essay writing companies. You can avoid these risks, though, by hiring a professional service.

Can someone steal your college essay? ›

College essays are meant to be a personal narrative, so the risk of someone stealing work is definitely lower than your typical persuasive or argumentative essays from school assignments. Despite this, we know some students will plagiarize and pass off someone else's stories and ideas as their own.

Is 650 words too much for a college essay? ›

If your institution doesn't provide a specific word count, it's best to keep your essay between the length established by the longer college admissions essay format: 250 to 650 words.

Is 750 words a lot for a college essay? ›

If you don't write the Common App essay, or if you write additional essays, note that most college essays set word limits around 500-750 words. In the rare case that no word limit is specified, most experts recommend staying under 800 words.

Can you reuse old college essays? ›

Yes, but do it carefully! Reusing essays can save you time and energy. If you reuse material, make sure to do it strategically, and make sure what you're reusing fits the prompt. Students should not force an essay in there that doesn't really fit just because they already have it written.

Can Turnitin detect essays bought online? ›

Turnitin cannot detect original essays written from scratch, even if you've bought it online. It's good at flagging plagiarized papers, paper sourced from public databases already cached by their system.

Can you get in trouble for selling essays? ›

It is perfectly legal to buy pre-written essays or custom essays online. That being said, the pre-written ones could get you into some legal trouble because they could have been written by someone who's unaware their work is being sold online. The other big legal problem you could have is with plagiarism.

Do teachers know if you buy an essay? ›

Your professor will never know if you get your essay written from Every assignment is written from scratch and follows a complete writing process.

Does anyone actually read college essays? ›

Yes, every college essay is read if the college has asked for it (and often even if they did not ask for it). The number of readers depends on the college's review process. It will be anywhere from one reader to four readers.

What is a legit website to write an essay? ›

The List of the 5 Best Essay Writing Services:
RankServiceWhy Best?
1.PaperHelpBest Value
2.BBQPapersBest Essay Writers
3.GradeMinersBest Delivery Speed
4.EssayProBest 24/7 Service
1 more row
Jan 13, 2023

How do I sell my essay? ›

So here's a simple, three-step plan for selling your personal essay to magazines and other publications:
  1. Step 1: Identify your target markets. ...
  2. Step 2: Pitch your completed personal narrative. ...
  3. Step 3: Don't take rejection personally.
Jul 30, 2019

Can you buy college essays online? ›

There are plenty of services on the Internet market to buy a custom essay. If you ever decide to get help, don't go for cheap services unless you're ready to compromize on quality. Order an essay online from those who will surely deliver you a high-quality text and will be ready to improve it until you're delighted.

Is EssayPro com a safe site? ›

EssayPro is a fully legit company that protects the privacy of its customers. Using Turnitin plagiarism software to ensure that the orders are completely unique, gives students a sense of confidence in their work.

Where can I pay someone to write an essay for me? ›

Pay Someone To Write My Paper
  • 99Papers - Best overall essay writing service.
  • PaperHelp - Best for college essay writing.
  • Essay Box - Best writing site for stellar customer support.
  • EssayPro- Best affordable essay service.
  • GradeMiners - Best for academic papers.
  • Finest Essay - Best essay website for dissertations.
Nov 28, 2022

Is it illegal to buy college papers? ›

Buying college assignments is not illegal, but like anything else, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making any purchases. You should know: The company should be legal and reliable. They offer plagiarism-free work on time.

Is it illegal to sell college essays? ›

The act of writing is not illegal. The use of this writing and foisting it on others as original when it is not is dishonest. Think of a man/woman who sells a gun. if they KNOWINGLY sell it to someone not qualified to own it or who states they want to harm someone else then there is an issue.

Can you copy someone's college essay? ›

The consequences of plagiarism on a college essay, in particular, can reverberate for a lifetime. It can very well result in one's admission being rescinded or, once a student has matriculated, it can result in expulsion. Degrees can even be revoked.


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