Drake's 30 best songs ranked (2023)

Words by Rosalind Thacker

With Drake named Artist of the Decade at this year's Billboard Music Awards, we've curated the Canadian superstar's 30 best tracks, from 'Best I Ever Had' to 'Hotline Bling'.

NoBillboard Music Awards 2021, Drake was named Artist of the Decade. Well, whether you like him or not, there's definitely reason why he's one of the most influential and successful talents in modern music. With an intricate legacy of stars that is constantly being etched with each new chart-topping hit, the Canadian rapper and pop star has managed to seduce the hearts of an entire generation.

Whether it's blasting through the speakers at a party or comforting you during a heartbreak, Drake's music is everywhere - and everyone has a favorite Drake song. In this list, we have divided 30 of his best.

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30. "Worst Behavior" -nothing was as it was(2013)

This song was probably a turning point in Drake's career. The moment he went from being a sad, heartbroken boy to someone you don't want to mess with. Beneath the super-aggressive, cocky lyrics, "Worst Behaviour" tells a story about how he was overlooked in the early stages of his career.

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29. "Back to Back" (single) (2015)

Drake has had his fair share of meat with other rappers, but his meat with Meek Mill has to reign supreme. Even if you don't know that "Back To Back" is a diss track, it's a great song. It was even nominated for a Grammy, which was probably just another nail in Meek Mill's coffin.

28. "The Motto" feat. Lil Wayne-Take care(2011)

Originally this was a bonus track onTake care🇧🇷 But it turned out to be one of the biggest songs on the album. If you listen to the whole thingTake care, this track sticks out like a sore thumb, but in a good way. It was also when we started to see Drake's growing influence in popular culture. Remember when YOLO was a thing? You have Drake to thank for that.

27. "Get It Together" feat. Black Coffee and Jorja Smith –more life(2017)

Comparing this song to her later hit "One Dance", the beats are pretty similar. This is just one example of how Drake can tweak a beat to create two very different tracks. Jorja Smith also makes this track worthwhile with her soulful and smooth harmonies.

26. "Up All Night" feat. Nicki Minaj-thanks later(2010)

Not all of Nicki and Drake's collaborations will make this list, but "Up All Night" is one of the best. Strong percussion beats, catchy lyrics - you really can't go wrong with this.

Drake's 30 best songs ranked (1)

25. „Angst“ –gone so far(PE) (2009)

This is one of Drake's most overlooked songs. While the rapper's life is likely just as mind-boggling to the average listener, songs like "Fear" are a great example of Drake internalizing his own domestic issues and applying them to our everyday lives. Before I know it, I'm singing a song about struggling to become a world famous rapper, like it's about to happen to me.

24. "Can I" feat. Beyonce -aid package(2019)

This would honestly top the list, but Drake's audacity to put Beyoncé on a track and have her do nothing but keep saying "Can I" and "Baby" is just ridiculous. Beyoncé definitely doesn't lack for it, as her voice is as distinctive as ever, but it's a very bold move.

23. "Fim" -thanks later(2010)

I would say this song is the classic 'Drake' track you can imagine. Trying to be successful, Drake produced elaborate and catchy music. "Over" was also where he first delved into mainstream music, which worked out well for him as it peaked at number 14 on the Hot 100 chart.

22. "Come" -nothing was as it was(2013)

Classic Drake. Pining a girl and asking her to "pass" but the truth is she's been seeing someone else all along. To win her back, he uses lines like "Honey, I'll heat up the stove, you wash the dishes, you know?" - questionable, but it must be good for him, right? Other than that, the music works. I love how the tempo changes midway through - it's definitely one of my favorites from this album.

21. "Make Me Proud" feat. Nicki Minaj-Take care(2011)

If you need a confidence boost I would recommend listening to this song. Hearing Drake keep saying how proud he is of you makes you feel like you have your own cheerleader. It's also nice to hear a rap song that really credits a woman with her intelligence, strength, and independence. As far as hip hop tracks go, it's refreshing.

20. “Nonstop” –Scorpion(2018)

If this song hadn't gained steam on TikTok, it would probably be louder. But unfortunately, the social media trend has completely written me off. Still, I can respect “Nonstop” as a good track.

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19. "In my feelings" -Scorpion(2018)

This also goes to the collection ofScorpionSongs we were fed up with in late 2018. Drake fell victim to his own genius with this album. But as soon as I hear "Kiki, do you love me?" I'm reminded why this song still deserves some love.

Drake's 30 best songs ranked (2)

18. "A Dance" feat. WizKid and Kyla –Views(2016)

Whether this is truly one of Drake's best songs is debatable, but it had to make the list as one of his most successful. It might be overkill now, but when it came out in 2016, it was a huge hit for a reason.

17. „Teenagerfieber“ –more life(2017)

There are two types of Drake fans in this world. Those who skip Teenage Fever and those who absolutely adore it. I personally love it. It doesn't help, however, that Drake shamelessly stole Jenifer Lopez's hook on her 1999 single, "If You Had My Love.".Otherwise it would have potential.

16. "Look what you did" -Take care(2011)

This song is the culmination of Drake's poetry. A tribute to his family, this is one of the artist's most emotionally vulnerable songs. Word of advice: don't listen to "Look What You've Made" if you're feeling particularly sensitive. The piano tone, accompanied by soulful vocal samples, is enough to draw everyone into their hearts. To top it off, the music fades out to the sound of a voicemail from your grandmother. It's emotional overload.

15. „Plano Gottes“ –Scorpion(2018)

Another iconic track fromScorpion🇧🇷 As I said before, most of the tracks on this album are seriously overdubbed. However, I try not to get distracted by what I felt when I first heard God's Plan..It's easy to hate a song because it's a mainstream radio hit, but Drake undoubtedly knows how to create a "moment" in a track. If you've heard "God's Plan," you know exactly what moment I'm talking about.

14. façanha „Lord Knows“. Rick Ross -Take care(2011)

The gospel song "Lord, Lord" by Andrew Brown and the National Baptist Convention Choir is sampled on this track and it's amazing. It's also a significant turning point in Drake's career. With lyrics like "I changed rap forever", Drake finally knows who he has become on "Lord Knows".

13. "Fake Love" -more life(2017)

On a song about fake friends who want to get close to him because of his fame, there's no reason why Drake hasn't covered them sooner. The production isn't all that innovative either, but perhaps that's why it works so well for the rapper. At this point in his career, he didn't need to do anything crazy and unpredictable to get people to listen. "Fake Love" is just the familiar Drake sound we know and love.

12. "HYFER" feat. Lil Wayne -Take care(2011)

On "HYFER" Drake and Lil Wayne deliver a simple but effective hook and double verbal gymnastics in the verses. They really make a dream team on this song. Furthermore, the music video makes it even more remarkable. Drake is basically throwing himself a pretty wild bar mitzvah party.

11. "Too Much" Achievement. Samfa –nothing was as it was(2013)

This song is beautiful. Not only is Sampha's voice as soulful as ever, but Drake's poetry and storytelling shine through again. Here he talks about the fears and strains that fame has placed on his life – specifically his relationship with his family and loved ones. However, Sampha's voice is a vehicle to carry the lyrics and make this track truly memorable.

10. “Passion fruit” –more life(2017)

Simple, reserved, but effective.


9. "Tuscan Leather" -nothing was as it was(2013)

Probably the biggest opener for a Drake song. "Tuscan Leather" is six minutes of confident confidence over some brilliant changes of pace. It's a roller coaster ride and I wish it lasted longer than six minutes.

Drake's 30 best songs ranked (3)

8. „Hotline Bling“ –Views(2016)

"Hotline Bling" is one of Drake's most successful singles to date - and with good reason. Five years later and it's still captivating as ever. We saw many sides of Drake, but I don't think we were ready to see the dance moves he did for the music video. They came out of nowhere.

7. "Jumpman" feat. future -What time to be alive(2015)

Another instant hit. This song became all but inevitable over the summer of 2015. A classic case of quotable lyrics, exceptional production and great chemistry between Future and Drake. Many of Drake's collaborations feel like two different sounds forced together, but it's evident throughout the album together that the two are a great combination.

6. "The best I've ever eaten" -gone so far(2009)

"Best I Ever Had" was Drake's first major hit. It peaked at number two on the Billboard chart, her highest ranking until 2016's "One Dance" peaked at number one. Drake's ability to go from a catchy serenade to a rapping verse is consistently impressive - while still being smug, vulnerable and charming with just the right amount of cheese. This was the starting point of the Drake style we know and love today.

5. "Wait, let's go home" -nothing was as it was(2013)

Drake is definitely not the most technically competent rapper out there, but he has range. Producing a slow R&B song without rapping shows that he really can do a little bit of everything.

4. "Starting from the Bottom" -nothing was as it was(2013)

The millennial story of a young rapper who overcomes many difficulties to reach the top. Of course, it could be argued that Drake didn't start from the bottom. After all, he's a successful child star who raps on a par with artists who have come out of real poverty and hardship. However, “Started From The Bottom” is still a good song.

Drake's 30 best songs ranked (4)

3. "Chicago Freestyle" feat. Giveon -Dark Lane Demo(2020)

Drake deftly weaves the bridge from Eminem's "Superman" on this song. He gives us the usual lyrics about his relationship fears and struggles, but at the same time manages to celebrate his accumulated fortune. Classic Drake. With the help of Giveon's silky smooth vocals, this song is something special.

2. "Good for what" -Scorpion(2018)

Picture this: It's the summer of 2018, one of the hottest on record. England reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. It was the best serieslove IslandUntil the present date. They turn on the radio and "Nice For What" plays. The life is good. Yes, it might not be a prime example of why Drake is Artist of the Decade, but if "Nice For What" didn't make your Spotify Wrapped 2018, what were you listening to?

1. „Marvins Zimmer“ –Take care(2011)

There was only one song that could top "Nice For What" and that is "Marvin's Room"..This song exudes raw, open and honest emotion, making it the ultimate heartbreaking anthem for both men and women. It may not have a cheesy beat or lyrics, but "Marvin's Room" speaks to anyone who's been through a tough breakup. We know and love Drake for being the most - and least - related songwriter in the game, but "Marvin's Room" makes you realize that maybe you and Drizzy aren't so different. We've all been victims of drunk phone calls to our ex... right?

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What is Drake's #1 song? ›


How many top 10 songs did the Drake have? ›

Most Top 10 Hot 100 Hits

Drake has 67 top 10 hits on the Hot 100.

What song made Drake famous? ›

The mixtape's most successful track, "Best I Ever Had," was released as its lead single. The song was nominated for two Grammy Awards — Best Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Song — and peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. "Best I Ever Had" kicked off Drake's reign over the charts.

What's Drake's biggest hit? ›

Here's Drake's top 10 songs of all time, ranked
  • “God's plan”
  • “Nice For What”
  • “Laugh Now Cry Later”
  • “Trust Issues”
  • “Rich Flex”
  • “Hotline Bling”
  • “Best I Ever Had”
  • “Passionfruit”
Nov 16, 2022

What is Drake's highest selling song? ›

"One Dance" became the most successful single of Drake's career, becoming an international hit and peaking at number one in fifteen countries, including Canada, the US, and the UK, where it became his first number-one single.

Who has more hits Drake or Kanye? ›

RS Charts: Drake Breaks Kanye West's Artists 500 Record – Rolling Stone. Music.

Who has the most number 1s all time? ›

The Beatles, unsurprisingly, lead the way with a record 20 No. 1s, all earned between 1964 and 1970. The Fab Four also scored 34 top 10s (second only to Madonna's 38), hitting No.

Is Drake the number 1 rapper? ›

The top 100 most-streamed artists of 2022 is experiencing a rap takeover. Sitting at number one is Drake, who is now this year's top-streamed artist so far with at 6.7 billion in streams.

Where does Drake rank all time? ›

Drake was just ranked the 16th greatest artist of all time.

Who was Drake's biggest inspiration? ›

Drake's music draws from a wide range of genres, including R&B, Hip Hop, Bounce, and Dancehall Music. His influences include Jay-Z, Yo Gotti, Three 6 Mafia, Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Usher, Notorious B.I.G., and André 3000.

What does Drake own? ›

Drake also has lucrative deals with Sprite, Apple and Nike. He left Jay-Z's Tidal behind to sign with Apple for $19 million and went on to release promotions for them. Otherwise, the 32-year-old Canadian rapper has an equity stake in Virginia Black whiskey and the Toronto Raptors basketball team.

Who has more #1 hits Drake or Lil Wayne? ›

He surpassed Lil Wayne with the most top 10 hits on Billboard's R&B/Hip Hop charts in addition to beating out Usher's record with the most number one singles.

Who is Drake's top 5? ›

That's perfection,” he added. In regards to perfection, there are five rappers that Drake believes are as close to that label as possible. As part of an Instagram comment, Drake selected Jay Z, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000 and a little known Toronto rapper Young Tony, AKA OVO Hush.

What is Drake's #1 album? ›

Her Loss is Drake's second No. 1 album of 2022, following Honestly, Nevermind, which debuted atop the list dated July 2 — less than five months ago — and spent one week at No. 1. He's the second act to notch a pair of No.

Does Drake have a diamond record? ›

Drake becomes the third artist in RIAA history to earn five Diamond singles.” The songs that granted him the newfound status are “God's Plan,” “Hotline Bling,” “Life Is Good,” “One Dance” and “SICKO MODE.”

How many #1 hits does Drake have? ›

Drake has the most Hot 100 chart entries ever

In total, Drake has been at the top of the Hot 100 nine times throughout his career. He also holds the record for most entries on the Hot Rap Songs chart with 15 and the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart with 19.

What is the 1 song on Spotify? ›

Blinding Lights

Who has the most #1 song of all time? ›

Though unclear for how long, the Beatles still reign supreme as the artist with the most No. 1 songs of all time.

What are the top 10 most played songs? ›

The 10 Most-Streamed Songs Of All Time On Spotify
1Blinding LightsThe Weeknd
2Shape of YouEd Sheeran
3Dance MonkeyTones and I
4Someone You LovedLewis Capaldi
6 more rows
Jan 31, 2023

Which artist has 1 billion streams on Spotify? ›

By Artist Tenure

In this case, the crown goes to Eminem, who released Infinite in November 1996.

What song is #1 right now? ›

The number one song on iTunes right now is Flowers by Miley Cyrus. Related Charts: Apple Music Top Streaming Songs, iTunes Top 200 Songs, Top New Songs February 2023, Top 100 Albums, and Top 40 Music Videos.

What is Drake's lowest selling album? ›

Sonic Vista Studios » Drake's 'Scorpion' Is the Lowest-Selling No. 1 Album In 27 Years.

What is the rarest vinyl album? ›

Rarest Vinyl Ever: A Guide To 20 Of The Most Expensive Records
  • 4: Röyksopp: 'Melody AM' (2LP, 2001) ...
  • 2: Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen (7” single, 1977) ...
  • 2: Darrell Banks: Open The Door To Your Heart (7”, 1966) ...
  • 1: The Quarrymen: That'll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger (10” acetate, 1958)
Nov 15, 2022


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