CJDropshipping Review [2022]: 5 Pros and 2 Cons (2023)

Long shipping times have always been a major concern among dropshipping beginners. But since COVID hit in January 2019, delivery times have become an even bigger problem as most customers have had nothing to do but sit at home.

So naturally their mind would keep thinking that they ordered from the website and it still hasn't reached them. Even today, this concern remains.

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An obvious solution to this is to work with an American supplier. But the problem is that they just don't work with any random dropshipper. It may take time to build a relationship with them and you may even need to show some proof of sales to get them to consider you.

This is where CJDropshipping comes in!

For a long time, even though I heard the name CJDropshipping, I still had no idea what it actually was. The reason is that I never bother to really look into it.

But now, when I checked it out while doing research for another article, I found that CJDropshipping is a fascinating Chinese e-commerce site that primarily targets dropshippers.

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  1. What is CJDropshipping?
  2. Who owns CJDropshipping?
  3. How to use CJDropshipping?
  4. How to connect CJDropshipping to Shopify?
  5. What products can you sell/buy from CJDropshipping?
  6. How to find winning products on CJDropshipping?
  7. Cost of using CJDropshipping
  8. CJDropshipping Return Policy
  9. Is CJDropshipping good, legit and reliable?
  10. Branding med CJDropshipping
  11. CJDropshipping processing time, shipping and delivery time
  12. CJDropshipping lager
  13. User interface and navigation
  14. CJDropshipping API
  15. CJDropshipping quality support
  16. How does CJDropshipping handle Chinese New Year?
  17. CJDropshipping alternative
  18. CJDropshipping Review: Conclusion

What is CJDropshipping?

Founded in 2014, CJDropshipping is a Chinese e-commerce website where dropshippers can order products after receiving an order from their Shopify dropshipping stores.

It currently fulfills orders for more than 297,833 sellers worldwide who may be dropshippers. You can also check their information page.

CJDropshipping Review [2022]: 5 Pros and 2 Cons (2)

Although it is a great platform for finding middlemen because of its fast delivery time, CJDropshipping is not necessarily an easy or complete solution for beginners.

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Does this mean that a beginner should not use this website to get their products? Well, let's find out!

Who owns CJDropshipping?

It is owned by CJDropshippingAndy Chou.He and his team started their website primarily to sell jewelry.

One of their pieces of jewelry, a Christian cross necklace, became their winner by generating enough money to migrate their jewelry website to this shopping platform.

How to use CJDropshipping?

Trin 1 -After registering your free account on CJDropshipping, you can choose to buy and/or sell your products in 4 ways:

1. to sell the products already mentioned

2. source product from 1688 or Taobao orAliExpress

3. sell their print-on-demand products using your custom/personal designs

4. Submit bulk inventory from your preferred sources(I'm Alibaba)to CJDropshipping's warehouses, at that time you can also call them CJDropshipping's delivery centers.

Trin 2 -You can ask their team to provide you with custom images and/or images that you can then use in your Shopify store as well as in your marketing campaigns without fear of copyright infringement.

Trin 3 –You can set up/request custom packaging and labels to properly white label your products to ensure your customers have the best shopping experience and therefore remember you when they need to buy something again or refer their friends to you.

Trin 4 –After CJDropshipping receives your order, it will process/ship the product from its warehouse within 1-4 days on average.

Note:Setting up CJDropshipping for the first time can be complicated. But by doing the initial setup, the order processing chain becomes a breeze.

How to connect CJDropshipping to Shopify?

Follow the steps below to connect your Shopify store with your CJDropshipping account.

Trin 1 -From the top bar menu or MyCJ dashboard, click on Shopify under Authorization.

Trin 2 -On the next page, click Add Stores, enter your original, free Shopify store domain, andclick Approve.

CJDropshipping Review [2022]: 5 Pros and 2 Cons (4)

Trin 3 –This will install their app inside your Shopify store where you can easily change all the settings according to your needs.

And if you have Oberlo installed in your store, please remove it because you don't need to use Oberlo after installing CJDropshipping app.

That's it!

Oh, by the way, only after you link them together will you be able to send products to your Shopify store and create an automated order fulfillment process.

What products can you sell/buy from CJDropshipping?

You can sell almost anything through CJDropshipping, from regular products to print-on-demand products. But you cannot sell products that are not allowed under the laws of your target country.

This also means that you cannot sell products that infringe copyright.

How to find winning products on CJDropshipping?

There is no magic bullet or section to easily find winning products on their website. If you want to rely solely on this website to search for products, then your best bet is to go through the various categories on their website, some of which are– New products, popular sales, video products, etc.

But I would recommend getting anyShopInspect[review] orIntelligent[review] to find your winning productsAvoid WASTEadvertising budget on the wrong products.

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Cost of using CJDropshipping

I hope you have thought about this question because it is not as simple as you think about their prices.

Is CJDropshipping free?

You can create your CJDropshipping account and connect to your Shopify store for free.

But if you need to use their extra services (some of which you really should), like getting custom labels, logos and packaging, then you have to pay for it according tothis structure.

By the way, the storage fee only applies if you ship products to their US warehouse/shipping center from other places, like Alibaba.

How to pay CJDropshipping?

They provide you with 8 ways to pay for your orders and services, among which the best choices would be PayPal and credit card. However, you can check all their currently accepted payment methodsher.

CJDropshipping Return Policy

They didn't mention a clear refund period, but you can open a dispute as long as your order status shows as "open" on CJDropshipping's order page.

I would also recommend emailing your customers to take pictures and videos of the product unwrapping. This will be required as proof when initiating verbal disputes with CJDropshipping.

Note:'Opening a dispute' with CJDropshipping simply means being able to open a refund or exchange request.

Check out theirsdetailed return policyto avoid unwanted chargebacks from your customers.

Is CJDropshipping good, legit and reliable?

In a way, CJDropshipping is just another Chinese e-commerce platform with the difference that it is available to dropshippers.

Based on their large number of customers, most of whom are satisfied, this platform is as legitimate as it gets. This means that CJDropshipping is not a scam.

The most important factors for their reliability are:

  • their fast delivery at low prices
  • their amazing integration with Shopify and several other top e-commerce platforms
  • warehouses in 30 countries, which ensures fast delivery.

And they don't just allow random sellers to sell their products on the CJDropshipping platform. Each seller must go through a review process to be approved to sell through their platform.

One more point:

CJDropshipping staff also do onefree quality controlfor each unit of product before it leaves their warehouse.

They also offer quality inspection for products you get and ship to their warehouse from other supplier sites like Alibaba. But they do offer this servicewith a fee.

Branding med CJDropshipping

To achieve higher profit margins in dropshipping, you need to add branding to your online store and your product.

CJDropshipping is a one-stop platform that can help your store look branded as it allows you to private/white label products by adding your logo on products, custom notes inside your packages and custom labels above your packages.


You see such private label products selling consistently on Amazon every day. This is why you see copies of the same product but with different brand names printed over them.

For better private labeling:

You can even send custom photo requests to the CJDropshipping team once you've found your winning product. Until you find your winning product, you can just use the product images freely available on CJDropshipping and AliExpress.

CJDropshipping processing time, shipping and delivery time

Like most e-commerce platforms, CJDropshipping takes1-4 days to process their ordersand send them from their warehouses.

However, the real advantage lies in their delivery methods. Basically what is ePacket forAliExpress, CJpacket is for CJDropshipping. It means thatCJpacket is the best solutionfor dropshippers as a combination of fast delivery and lower prices.

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But they also offer you many other shipping methods that you can choose if you want. But make sure you only use trackable shipping methods; otherwise, CJDropshipping will not accept your order dispute requests.

And yes, CJPacket is a trackable shipping method.

CJDropshipping lager

They have their warehouses in 30 countries, including the United States. And you can see a complete list of their warehouses by hovering over'save'link in the menu at the top of their website.

User interface and navigation

I must say that it is quite an expansive and complicated user interface. There was no easier way for me to cover all aspects of the CJDropshipping interface.

Now, I'm not saying that you won't be able to use it as a beginner. Instead, you can actually set it up and learn how to navigate it if you spend a few hours understanding it. Once you have everything set up, you don't have to waste time every day managing and executing your orders.

In the end, that's what matters.

CJDropshipping API

As I told you, CJDropshipping also fulfills your orders from your Shopify stores for you. And to do that you need to use their API. You need to use CJDropshipping APIto connect the platformto your Shopify store that you can search forthis sidefrom their website.

But it doesn't stop there. You also need to install the CJDropsipping chrome extension to take full advantage of the platform.

CJDropshipping quality support

CJDropshipping's customer support team is pretty impressive, according to most of their customers. However, you can only send ticketsas contact formtheir team to get answers to your questions.

But you have to understand, as English is not their first language, so there may be difficulties in the conversation.

You can also go to themHelp centerto access their free tutorials on using the CJDropshipping platform.

How does CJDropshipping handle Chinese New Year?

Although the celebration of the Chinese New Year lasts for a month, the actual holiday period lasts for 7 days. CjDropshipping arranged a small number of employeeswork on those days.

The only day or evening when no one works there is Chinese New Year's Eve.

Now you can understand that one evening cannot affect the business of your company. So you can run your marketing campaigns all year round without fear.

However, importing more stock can be problematic during this period if stock runs low.

So you should probably pre-order more stock or talk to their customer support about it as soon as you sign up to ensure a steady flow of orders during their new year.

CJDropshipping alternative

China has many suppliers of eCom products and you must be wondering whether CJDropshipping is the best for you or you should choose another supplier. But not all of them are literal suppliers.

Now what do I mean by that?

Let's go check it out.

1. CJDropshipping vs AliExpress

AliExpressis the first Chinese e-commerce store you heard about while learning about the dropshipping business model. You can almost consider itKineska Amazonka.

By the end of 2018, AliExpress was doing well because it had lower prices and fast enough delivery(of course it wasn't a fast 1 week delivery but acceptable).There you can find everything you can sell in your Shopify store.

But then Covid hit the world in 2019, and the US government. Some of their policies have also changed, causing shipping rates to increase significantly.

Today, using AliExpress is simply not sustainable enough for a growing dropshipping business. The only time you can use it is during the product testing phase.

On the other hand:

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CJDropshipping has warehouses in all your main target countries, resulting in cheaper and faster shipping. They also perform product quality inspections, resulting in amuch lower raterefunds and disputes from your customers.

And unlike AliExpress, CJDropshipping integrates with your online store, making order fulfillment automated.


AliExpress sends separate packages for products if their sellers are different. However, CJDropshipping ships all productsa packageto your customers, regardless of whether the seller is the same or separate for each product in your customer's order confirmation.

Moreover, CJDropshipping only setsyour detailsvia packages, while AliExpress packages contain information about the seller.

2. CJDropshipping vs EPROLO

In most respects, CJDropshipping and EPROLO are quite similar in terms of features and quality.

But their differences lie in thisEPROLOcan offer you onefaster, almost half the delivery time.Men dethey don't have delivery centerslike CJDropshipping, where you can drop bulk stock yourself from other suppliers.

3. CJDropshipping vs Chinabrands

Chinabrands offers products and serves customers as well as other sellers like you. You can say that Chinabrands is a combination of AliExpress and Alibaba, but with about 200 shipping methods and warehouses in more than 50 countries.

In addition, they offer you wholesale prices and process your orders within 24 hours, while CJDDropshipping takes 1-4 days to process and ship products.

However, Chinabrands has a problem, and that issmall inventory in their US warehouses.This can quickly become a problem within a week of starting your marketing campaigns. But you don't have to face stock shortage with CJDropshipping.

4. CJDropshipping vs Spocket

CJDropshipping sources all products directly from China and can also replenish its stocks overseas.

But Spocket sources its products from reliable local suppliers andEtsy artisans. Most of these suppliers arefrom the United States or the United Kingdom,make their delivery fast.

Unlike CJDropshipping, Spocket is not free and the cheapest best plan is theirsPro plan. I think you should get it5 months freepay annually instead of monthly.

5. CJDropshipping vs SaleHoo

CJDropshipping purchases and delivers products to youdirectly through their platform, while SaleHoo is onewholesale supplier overview, many of which are based in the United States.

Finding such local wholesale suppliers through Google search might be easy for you because they don't know anything about search engine optimization.

By using one of the suppliers from their library, you can get products at lower prices and guarantee super fast shipping rates.

By using SaleHoo, you can even move on to selling expensive productslike a bicyclein your Shopify dropshipping store.

But the best thing about them is theirsvery affordable lifetime plan.check it outif you are considering using the SaleHoo library.

CJDropshipping Review: Conclusion

CJDropshipping hasbetter prices, faster delivery and integrated order fulfillment. But their holdings are relatively small; therefore, you won't necessarily find the same products there as you can see on Alibaba or Aliexpress.

Many products on CJDropshipping do not have product descriptions, images or reviews working. The reason is that all products on their platform are managed directly by their staff and not by individual product sellers.

However, you can request their team to provide you with custom images, videos and maybe even product descriptions.

But this is only possible if and when you start getting a large number of daily orders from your Shopify store.

Until then, download this marketing datas Aliexpressand from other Shopify stores.

All in all, I would sayyou shoulduse the CJDropshipping platformfrom the beginning, especially if you are sellingto American customers, to ensure faster delivery and give your customers a much better shopping experience.

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Let me know in the comments below if this post helped you make an informed decision about CJDropshipping or not.

Let's see what can be improved here!


Is dropshipping still worth it in 2022? ›

Yes, dropshipping is still worth the investment if you're looking for a low-cost business idea. The number of people searching the term “dropshipping” has increased exponentially in just a few years. Success lies in choosing the right products, maintaining profit margins, and choosing the right suppliers.

Is CJdropshipping reliable? ›

Overview. CJ Dropshipping has a rating of 4.86 stars from 1,744 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Is dropshipping still profitable in 2023? ›

The short answer is yes—dropshipping is still a viable business model for 2023. Here's why: Ecommerce continues to grow.

What are the benefits of CJdropshipping? ›

Key benefits of using CJdropshipping

-Free product sourcing and listing; -Automatic order fulfillment and processing; -Reliable shipping time and reasonable cost; -Global warehouses: China, the US, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia.

Is dropshipping saturated 2023? ›

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable? In 2023, absolutely yes. In fact, as more and more people have moved away from platforms like AliExpress, dropshipping has become all the more popular. It's an excellent option for those looking to jump in the ecommerce space.

What is better than CJ dropshipping? ›

Top Alternatives for CJdropshipping
  • fabric.
  • SellerChamp.
  • Zangerine.
  • Turis.
  • Nautical.

Is CJ dropshipping better than Aliexpress? ›

You will find that the shipping fees shown on Aliexpress are usually much cheaper than on CJ Dropshipping, some even provide a free delivery. What lies behind a free delivery is the shipping price is included in the product price, which is another reason why Aliexpress always price higher than CJ Dropshipping.

How long does CJ dropshipping take to fulfill orders? ›

Products and packaging customization (POD, OEM) with dropshipping service. Convenient order syncing & fulfillment service. Efficient local warehouse delivery service (general delivery time of 2-3 days).

Is dropshipping too saturated? ›

The number of people searching for the term "dropshipping" is still increasing, and because it's an easy business to start, the dropshipping industry is largely saturated. Will dropshipping be worth it in 2023? Yes, dropshipping will still be worth it, provided you go about it in the right way.

What are the disadvantages of drop shipping? ›

7 must-know disadvantages of dropshipping
  • Dropshipping isn't simple. Dropshipping isn't always as straightforward as it looks. ...
  • No command over the supply chain. ...
  • Maintaining quality is difficult. ...
  • Building a brand can be challenging. ...
  • Customer service issues could occur. ...
  • It's a competitive market. ...
  • Low profit margins.
Dec 28, 2021

Can someone become a millionaire from dropshipping? ›

If success to you means making $1 million per year with your dropshipping store, then it may take a long time to be “successful.” If your idea of success means breaking six figures, there are many dropshippers making $100,000 per year, you just need to find good dropshipping suppliers and build a brand.

What carrier does CJDropshipping use? ›

CJ Dropshipping tracking

And if the products are stocked in our US warehouses, the delivery time is 2-7 days by USPS+.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping? ›

The main advantages of dropshipping include no startup investment, no inventory, and scalability. On the other hand, the disadvantages are competition and no control over product quality, stock, or shipping times.

Does CJDropshipping allow returns? ›

Damaged Orders: CJDropshipping.com will provide a full refund/replacement if: - Orders arrived damaged. - Order arrived damaged but the customer doesn't want the replacement to be sent.

Which niche is best for dropshipping? ›

These are some of the best dropshipping niches to consider when building your online store.
  • Clothing. Apparel is one of the most consistently profitable dropshipping niches. ...
  • Wall art products. ...
  • Sustainable products. ...
  • Kids & baby products. ...
  • Office products.
Mar 14, 2023

How long until dropshipping is profitable? ›

You should always treat your dropshipping store like a real business. If you are a beginner, don't expect to be making money within six months. And remember that it can take even longer. But as long as you take it seriously and don't quit working it, you will succeed in making money with dropshipping.

What is more profitable than dropshipping? ›

Amazon FBA can be potentially more profitable than dropshipping. This is because you are purchasing items in bulk from a manufacturer and then shipping them to an Amazon warehouse or third-party warehouse.

How much money is needed to start dropshipping? ›

Technically speaking, you can start dropshipping for less than $100. With the right combination of free trials and starter plans—and a willingness to look the other way and hope for the best when it comes to the quality of your products—a little investing is all that stands between you and a dropshipping store.

What's the best dropshipping idea for 2023? ›

Seven best types of dropshipping products to start selling in 2023
  • Clothing and fashion accessories. It may come as no surprise that fashion and clothing rank as the most popular shopping category sold on Shopify. ...
  • Baby products. ...
  • Home goods. ...
  • Office supplies. ...
  • Personal care and beauty products. ...
  • Electronics. ...
  • Pet supplies.
Mar 6, 2023

What is easier than dropshipping? ›

While both businesses are relatively easy to start, setting up an affiliate business is simpler than opening a dropshipping store. It is because you don't need to build a retail website and provide customer support, allowing you to focus on the marketing efforts.

What is the best eCommerce for dropshipping? ›

Best eCommerce platforms for dropshipping
  1. Magento. Magento is one of the best-known eCommerce platforms with a well-deserved reputation for its powerful built-in features and great customizability. ...
  2. Shopify. ...
  3. WooCommerce. ...
  4. BigCommerce. ...
  5. WIX. ...
  6. Shift4Shop. ...
  7. PrestaShop. ...
  8. Squarespace.
Apr 6, 2023

Which market is best for dropshipping? ›

The top dropshipping marketplaces include fabric Marketplace, Mirakl, Convictional, and Logicbroker, each of which offers different feature sets and approaches.

Who is the CEO of CJDropshipping? ›

Andy Chou is the Founder and CEO of CJdropshipping, a global all-in-one dropshipping platform.

How much is CJDropshipping a month? ›

Yes, CJ Dropshipping is free. It has no storage fee, no monthly fee, no setup fee, and no minimum order required. You're only charged a processing fee if you buy products from other channels. If you buy directly from CJ, there will be no processing fee even.

Does CJDropshipping use USPS? ›

USPS+ is the method CJ uses to send out US packages for customers who choose to store inventory in our US warehouse). If you decide to store your inventory in our US warehouses, we process your order the next day via USPS, and as you can see, on the 5th Day, we are looking at 99.9% delivery rate.

How do I fulfill my dropshipping order automatically? ›

How to automate a dropshipping website
  1. Search the Shopify App Store for automated dropshipping tools. ...
  2. Streamline order processing with your supplier. ...
  3. Align inventory control across all channels. ...
  4. Optimize pricing for your business model. ...
  5. Implement order tracking updates.
Nov 30, 2022

Does CJDropshipping cost money? ›

One Stop Solution for dropshippers

The best part is that it's free. No storage fees, monthly fees, setup fees, or minimum order quantity are required. As Compared to other similar platforms, the number of products are limited.

Why am I failing at dropshipping? ›

Starting out with too many products

Many dropshipping businesses fail because they start with too many products. If you're starting a dropshipping store, you have to first learn the nitty-gritty of the dropshipping by starting with a low range of products.

What is the failure rate of dropshipping? ›

[UPDATED] Do you know that almost 90 percent of dropshippers fail during their first month after getting frustrated that their business is not making enough money?! In this post, I am going to discuss the 9 top reasons why most dropshipping failures occur and how to start forex trading avoid them once and for all.

Can you get in trouble for dropshipping? ›

Drop-shipping is not illegal, but there can be problems for buyers and sellers.

What does the average dropshipper make? ›

Professional Drop Shipping Salary
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$48,000$23
75th Percentile$44,000$21
25th Percentile$34,000$16

Can you make $5,000 a month dropshipping? ›

Remember that dropshipping is a competitive market, and success will not come overnight. However, with hard work and persistence, you can build a profitable dropshipping business that generates $5,000 or more every month.

Can you make 10k a month dropshipping? ›

If you are hoping to make $10,000 a month in profit, you will need to partner with reliable companies who are producing and dropshipping high-quality products. They are much more likely to work with you if your business is legitimate and comes across as professional and serious.

How much do dropshippers make a week? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing weekly wages as high as $1,356 and as low as $404, the majority of Drop Shipping wages currently range between $548 (25th percentile) to $807 (75th percentile) across the United States.

How long does CJ packet take? ›

Exclusive Shipping Method for Small Items, Small Pieces Ship from China to the USA with average 7 days delivery and trackable.

Is dropshipping good long term? ›

In conclusion, dropshipping is not a viable career in the long term but it's a good way to make money online, start an ecommerce business with a low budget, research the market and scale to owning an e-commerce brand! Drop Shipping is often the means and an ecommerce brand is the end!

Why is dropshipping so easy? ›

Without significant upfront inventory investments, it's possible to start dropshipping and become successful with very little money. Additionally, because you're not committed to selling through any inventory purchased upfront, like in other business models, there's less risk involved in starting a dropshipping store.

Is dropshipping a good hustle? ›

Low-profit margin

Speaking of offering the lowest prices, another reason dropshipping is a bad side hustle is that it usually has a low-profit margin. Profit margin is the amount by which revenue from sales exceeds costs in a business. While inventory may be inexpensive to purchase, profit margins can be quite low.

How do I avoid chargebacks on dropshipping? ›

  1. Tip #1 | Up Your Customer Service Game.
  2. Tip #2 | Be Easy to Reach.
  3. Tip #3 | Remind Customers of Your Value.
  4. Tip #4 | Watch for Suspicious Transactions.
  5. Tip #5 | Fight Friendly Fraud Chargebacks.
Feb 16, 2022

Who pays for return shipping? ›

Who pays for return shipping? The seller pays for return shipping if they offer a free returns policy or if the item was damaged, faulty, or doesn't match the listing description.

What are the rules for dropshipping? ›

To use dropshipping services for your business in the Amazon store, you must:
  • Be the seller of record of your products.
  • Identify yourself as the seller of your products on all packing slips, invoices, and external packaging.
  • Be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of your products.

Is dropshipping still profitable October 2022? ›

Yes. The dropshipping market is full of opportunities. In 2022, the global dropshipping market size reached 190 billion dollars, and is projected to be 1096.5 billion dollars in 2023.

Is e commerce still profitable 2022? ›

Global ecommerce sales are expected to reach $5.7 trillion worldwide in 2022, proving ecommerce is an increasingly lucrative option for businesses. That's huge, and the good news is that it certainly isn't a new trend.

How to make money drop shipping 2022? ›

How do I start a dropshipping business?
  1. Choose a niche.
  2. Perform competitor product research.
  3. Find a reputable dropshipping supplier.
  4. Build your online store.
  5. Market your dropshipping business.
  6. Analyze and improve your store.
May 18, 2023

Is ecommerce still worth it 2023? ›

E-commerce sales are expected to grow 10.4% in 2023

Since 20.8% of retail purchases are expected to take place online in 2023, it's no surprise that e-commerce sales are supposed to increase as well. With more customers shopping online, your business can sell more and earn more as a result.

How much do dropshippers make on average? ›

Professional Drop Shipping Salary
Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$48,000$23
75th Percentile$44,000$21
25th Percentile$34,000$16

What is the fastest growing ecommerce 2022? ›

Apple.com was the fastest growing e-commerce website in 2022. The global domain of the big tech company saw its average annual traffic grow by over 262 percent, outdoing even the fashion marketplace shein.com at about 75 percent.

How do I start a dropshipping business with no money? ›

How to Start a Dropshipping Business with No Money in 5 Steps
  1. Step 1: Find a Niche.
  2. Step 2: Find a Product Within Your Niche.
  3. Step 3: Find Suppliers.
  4. Step 4: Choose a Platform to Sell On.
  5. Maintain a Strong Branding.
  6. Build Relationships with Customers.
  7. Build Effective Copy for Your Sites.
  8. Improve Your Web Design Skills.
May 24, 2023

What is the catch to drop shipping? ›

With dropshipping, you probably will be buying products one at a time rather than in bulk, and that means your profit margins will be less favorable. You may also have to pay the wholesaler additional fees for selecting, packing and shipping each customer order.

Can you become a millionaire from dropshipping? ›

If success to you means making $1 million per year with your dropshipping store, then it may take a long time to be “successful.” If your idea of success means breaking six figures, there are many dropshippers making $100,000 per year, you just need to find good dropshipping suppliers and build a brand.

What is the next big thing in ecommerce? ›

Social commerce, mobile shopping, digital experience and sustainability will be the top eCommerce trends and buzzwords for 2023!

Which e-commerce platform is best? ›

The Best E-Commerce Platforms of 2023
  • Squarespace: Best Overall E-Commerce Platform.
  • Square Online: Best for Omnichannel Selling.
  • Ecwid: Best for Existing Sites.
  • Shift4Shop: Best Free E-Commerce Platform.
  • Shopify: Best for Dropshipping.
  • Wix: Best Drag-and-Drop Editor.
  • Weebly: Best Value.
  • BigCommerce: Best for Boosting Sales.
May 4, 2023

Is E-commerce declining? ›

Ecommerce's share of total retail sales by quarter, Q1 2019-Q1 2023. While the record online sales spikes of the pandemic have faded, quarterly ecommerce sales have continued to grow, albeit at a slower pace. In 2021 and 2022, ecommerce had its slowest share of total retail growth on record for two consecutive years.


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