CJ Dropshipping Alternative: Which One is Best for You? (2023)

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According to Grand View Research's 2018 forecast report, the global dropshipping market will grow during the period 2019-2025. with a CAGR of 28.8%. Therefore, we can observe the latest trend in dropshipping business on the internet.

Accordingly,dropshippingThe market is also gradually getting saturated and it is necessary to win over the competition in order to survive. Moreover, it is imperative to impress customers and build a base of loyal customers who keep coming back to buy. However, these things are easier said than done.

Most of the time, dropshipping companies go out of business due to bad customer reviews. Although customer reviews have mostly come from negative customer experiences, this can be a consequencedropshipping suppliers. These companies are responsible for the face of your dropshipping business as they deal with timely shipping and customer service if desired.

Therefore, as a dropshipping business, choosing a supplier is the most critical decision you will make. EPROLO is one of the most reliable dropshipping suppliers in the current market and is known for its fast global delivery.

This article compares EPROLO with CJ Dropshipping, another major dropshipping supplier. Once you know the pros and cons of each, you can decide which dropshipping suppliers are the best fit for your business.

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EPROLO Overview

You can find your dropshipping needs at EPROLO, a company based in China.EPROLOsells in more than 100 categories, dominates the industry and is establishing itself.

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The famous dropshipping company also offers print on demand dropshipping for various products. EPROLO has production facilities in the USA, Australia and China.

Although the manufacturing sites in Australia and the USA only deliver to these countries, the factory in China allows delivery to all countries.

You must pay to join and addpersonal labelsto the products. For unbranded items, you can continue to use their free lifetime subscription.


EPROLO is known for its special services as a dropshipping supplier. The company has a centralized global shipping method and operates from a single warehouse.

Therefore, quality control with EPROLO is easy as the company ensures that any product that reaches customers is not defective.

Furthermore, EPROLO's order tracking services start as soon as the shipment leaves the warehouse.

The unique code enables product tracking, through which customers and dropshipping companies can see the shipment of their goods in real time.

Theirprint-on-demand serviceshas made EPROLO a household name in the dropshipping industry.

There are over 100+ EPROLO niches that offer these services. Therefore, whether you deal in t-shirts or have other products, you can find print-on-demand services for these products.

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Therefore, it will save you space, time and effort to collect orders that are fulfilled only after they are booked, saving you storage costs.

EPROLO has various other dropshipping companies, such asAliExpress, the link to the website. Therefore, if you come across a product that you would like to sell, EPROLO will help you source it from these integrated platforms.

If you also need a product that is not available on EPROLO's integrated platforms, the company will help you find it.


EPROLO is a free dropshipping platform that requires payment only after the company receives the order.

However, installing and setting up the app requires zero capital. Therefore, EPROLO dropshipping is a beginner-friendly supplier thanks to its cost-effectiveness.


Here are some of the benefits of working with EPROLO:

Storage and delivery

Thewarehousing and order fulfillment servicesoffered by EPROLO are highly commendable. Retailers purchase supplies and products from suppliers and then transfer them to warehouses maintained by EPROLO.

In addition, EPROLO provides shipping, packaging and monitoring as part of its delivery services.

A dropshipping supplier takes personal inventory, provides personal packaging and ships everything in one package.

EPROLO also monitors and informs the retailer about unavailable products or gradual emptying of shelves to quickly order new stock.

Therefore, companies can focus on marketing while EPROLO considers the complexity of order fulfillment.

Branding of Dropshipping

In today's competitive world, every business needs an edge. EPROLO offers help to succeed with this edge setting.

Click here to learn more aboutEPROLO branding project.

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Since logos and personal branding are primary marketing techniques, you can easily set this up with EPROLO.

All you need is your logo sent to EPROLO, who then use a variety of techniques to customize your chosen product, package it and ship it as branded merchandise.

A uniquely branded dropshipping option gives businesses an identity that customers can relate to. Therefore, your brand can stand out in a competitive market.

Manage multiple stores

Having multiple stores is great for generating profits. But the management task can be difficult. This is where EPROLO's superior services can save the day.

One of the best dropshipping providers offers multiple store management options with a single account.

The easy-to-use app and website allows business owners to view their dashboard and determine which store has received an order and which is shipping.

So manage multiple stores with one account at EPROLO.

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Simple integrations

A variety of integrated software and websites allow dropshippers to sync their Woocommerce or Shopify stores with EPROLO in minutes.

Additionally, several marketplace integrations such as eBay etc also make running a business affordable thanks to excellent tools.

EPROLO APIensures that you can connect your store with any other web tool for custom integration.

Register EPROLO for FREE now!


Let's look at the disadvantages of EPROLO.

Customer support is limited

EPROLO customer service representatives are located in China and are only available between Chinese business hours.

They are therefore only available by email between and at 6 a.m. ET.

CJ Dropshipping Overview

CJ Dropshipping is a globally recognized dropshipping supplier that offers dropshipping companies integration options with well-known platforms such asShopify,Woocommerce,eBay, Etsy, Wix, and medicine.

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TheDropshipping supplier based in Chinanow has warehouses in various other countries including the US, Thailand, Germany and Indonesia.


CJ Dropshipping is known for its print-on-demand services. These services save dropshipping companies the costs associated with using warehouses.

Conversely, if a company has private inventory, CJ Dropshipping offers storage space for that warehouse.

However,dropshipping posaothey charge some extra fees to manage this inventory.

Similar to EPROLO, packages sent by CJ Dropshipping can also be tracked.

So once a package has been shipped from a specific warehouse, businesses and customers can use a specific tracking code to find out where their shipment is.

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Order processing and shipping may take more than a month or two.


Similar to EPROLO, CJ Dropshipping is a free platform that charges the first order for the business.

But if you use CJ Dropshipping's warehouse, this isdropshipping supplierwill charge an additional fee.

In addition, the platform charges processing and shipping fees for these products. It is also important to remember that not all CJ Dropshipping warehouses are available for warehouse management service.


Here are some of the benefits of using CJ Dropshipping as your supplier.

Different niches

Thisprint on demand dropshipping supplierit is very famous for its countless niches. You can choose different niche products and get them from CJ Dropshipping.

Additionally, you can ask the dropshipping supplier to add your custom design to the product for a special look.

Synchronization of orders

With a single click, you can now synchronize your store's products with CJ Dropshipping's products.

This feature is handy for order fulfillment that automatically syncs with the dropshipping site. In addition, you can order more efficiently if the existing product stock is low.

Shipping now FREE!


Although there are several advantages of using CJ Dropshipping as a dropshipping supplier, you cannot ignore some of its disadvantages.

Irresistible user interface

The user interface is one of the most significant features that separate user-friendly websites from complex websites.

CJ Dropshipping's websites and apps are flooded with unnecessary information.

This jumble of information detracts from the user experience, and scrolling through the page can feel like a chore despite the ease of navigation.

Expensive services

Despite the excellent services, CJ Dropshipping is quite expensive.

Too high prices are prohibitivebeginner dropshippersgradually entering the business.

Therefore, the only way to solve this problem is to bulk order, otherwise the cost of individual shipments can eat into the dropshipper's profit.

Variable inventory costs

CJ Dropshipping warehouse prices are not fixed. You may be charged more depending on your storage location.

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Why choose EPROLO as your dropshipping supplier?

Whether you are a beginner dropshipper or an experienced one looking to expand your business, EPROLO is the bestdropshippingsupplier.

The user-friendly interface helps beginners and professionals quickly navigate their website and app.

In addition, uncluttered web content is more relaxing to the eye, helping users stay on the page longer.

Since EPROLO is a forever free platform, you will not be charged until your first order.

Additionally, the free app used to create a trade makes EPROLO a better option for beginners. You will have more than 300 thousand unique products to sell in your store.

EPROLO promises to help e-commerce stores through various services including order fulfillment, inventory management, express delivery, print-on-demand and branding, among others.

Therefore, any dropshipper with different levels of expertise can rely on EPROLO for a successful dropshipping business.

Start Dropshipping nu!

Choose the best dropshipping supplier

EPROLO and CJ Dropshipping are known for their best services in the dropshipping market. Bothdropshippingsuppliers offer similar services and ensure only the best quality products to their customers.

However, EPROLO is more suitable for people with different levels of dropshipping expertise, while CJ Dropshipping may be less friendly for beginners.

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CJ Dropshipping Alternative: Which One is Best for You? ›

You will find that the shipping fees shown on Aliexpress are usually much cheaper than on CJ Dropshipping, some even provide a free delivery. What lies behind a free delivery is the shipping price is included in the product price, which is another reason why Aliexpress always price higher than CJ Dropshipping.

Is CJ dropshipping better than AliExpress? ›

You will find that the shipping fees shown on Aliexpress are usually much cheaper than on CJ Dropshipping, some even provide a free delivery. What lies behind a free delivery is the shipping price is included in the product price, which is another reason why Aliexpress always price higher than CJ Dropshipping.

Who are CJ dropshipping competitors? ›

cjdropshipping.com's top 5 competitors in April 2023 are: shopify.com, printful.com, oberlo.com, pagefly.io, and more. According to Similarweb data of monthly visits, cjdropshipping.com's top competitor in April 2023 is shopify.com with 75.3M visits.

Which shipping method is best for CJ dropshipping? ›

ePacket delivery is usually the best shipping method that dropshippers can use.

Is CJ dropshipping trustworthy? ›

CJ Dropshipping has a rating of 4.86 stars from 1,782 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Which market is best for dropshipping? ›

Health and beauty products

The prediction is that it'll reach $716B by 2025. Overall, the combined health and beauty market revenue surpasses $564B, and the personal care market is the most popular for dropshipping products in this segment.

What is the biggest dropshipping website? ›

#1 – Spocket

Spocket is our top pick for the overall best dropshipping website. It integrates with all the leading ecommerce platforms, automates the order fulfillment process, and makes it easy to find thousands of awesome products from dropshipping suppliers all over the world (especially in the EU/US).

Who is the owner of CJdropshipping? ›

Andy Chou is the Founder and CEO of CJdropshipping, a global all-in-one dropshipping platform.

Is CJdropshipping expensive? ›

One Stop Solution for dropshippers

The best part is that it's free. No storage fees, monthly fees, setup fees, or minimum order quantity are required. As Compared to other similar platforms, the number of products are limited.

What is the fastest dropshipping method? ›

Special Line's is the fastest shipping method that you can use when dropshipping your items. With this method, items are always shipped first by air cargo and then using a local courier once they arrive in the country of destination.

What shipping company should I use? ›

UPS, USPS & FedEx: A use case comparison
Use CasesBest Carrier
Small packagesUSPS
Larger packagesUPS
Heavier packagesUPS
Express deliveryUPS
8 more rows
May 8, 2023

Which is the best shipping option? ›

Best shipping method for small packages: USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box. Best shipping method for medium and large packages: UPS Simple Rate or FedEx One Rate. Best shipping for oversized items: UPS Ground Service.

Is Aliexpress good for Drop shipping? ›

Yes, Aliexpress is great for dropshipping. The prices are great, and the platform has lots of tools to help you succeed in business. But Aliexpress is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to dropshipping. There are many other alternatives you could turn to if need be.

Is Zendrop good for dropshipping? ›

Zendrop is by far the best platform to use, especially picking your products and there shipping times are amazing depending on what you choose. Any problems or questions that I have had, they are always there to help in a timely and professional manner. Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication.

How to start dropshipping with no money? ›

How to Start a Dropshipping Business with No Money in 5 Steps
  1. Step 1: Find a Niche.
  2. Step 2: Find a Product Within Your Niche.
  3. Step 3: Find Suppliers.
  4. Step 4: Choose a Platform to Sell On.
  5. Maintain a Strong Branding.
  6. Build Relationships with Customers.
  7. Build Effective Copy for Your Sites.
  8. Improve Your Web Design Skills.
May 24, 2023

Is Shopify still the best for dropshipping? ›

Yes, dropshipping is still worth the investment if you're looking for a low-cost business idea. The number of people searching the term “dropshipping” has increased exponentially in just a few years. Success lies in choosing the right products, maintaining profit margins, and choosing the right suppliers.

Is dropshipping still profitable 2023? ›

Dropshipping is worth it in 2023 for both retailers and suppliers. However, every business needs an effective and multi-pronged strategy to succeed. Dropshipping is profitable for retailers and vendors that develop strong relationships to lower risks and drive growth.

How much money is needed to start dropshipping? ›

Technically speaking, you can start dropshipping for less than $100. With the right combination of free trials and starter plans—and a willingness to look the other way and hope for the best when it comes to the quality of your products—a little investing is all that stands between you and a dropshipping store.

How much do beginner dropshippers make? ›

How much do dropshippers make a day? Successful dropshipping businesses can make anywhere between $50 to $5,000 in daily profit. This hinges on stocking high demand products, having enough profit margin, top-shelf marketing and sales, and recurring purchases.

How many hours do dropshippers work? ›

Expect to spend at least 10 to 15 hours per week to generate up to $2,000 in monthly revenue through your dropshipping business. But, just like any other small business, the time you invest increases your odds of making substantial revenue.

What is easier than dropshipping? ›

While both businesses are relatively easy to start, setting up an affiliate business is simpler than opening a dropshipping store. It is because you don't need to build a retail website and provide customer support, allowing you to focus on the marketing efforts.

What is more profitable than dropshipping? ›

Amazon FBA can be potentially more profitable than dropshipping. This is because you are purchasing items in bulk from a manufacturer and then shipping them to an Amazon warehouse or third-party warehouse. This allows you to better scale up your Amazon business.

How many dropshipping sites fail? ›

[UPDATED] Do you know that almost 90 percent of dropshippers fail during their first month after getting frustrated that their business is not making enough money?! In this post, I am going to discuss the 9 top reasons why most dropshipping failures occur and how to start forex trading avoid them once and for all.

Does CJDropshipping allow returns? ›

Damaged Orders: CJDropshipping.com will provide a full refund/replacement if: - Orders arrived damaged. - Order arrived damaged but the customer doesn't want the replacement to be sent.

Does CJDropshipping automatically ship? ›

Convenient order syncing & fulfillment service. Efficient local warehouse delivery service (general delivery time of 2-3 days). CJ products are supportive of DIY bundle products combination. The optimized shipping method will be automatically applied to your orders.

Does CJDropshipping use USPS? ›

USPS+ is the method CJ uses to send out US packages for customers who choose to store inventory in our US warehouse). If you decide to store your inventory in our US warehouses, we process your order the next day via USPS, and as you can see, on the 5th Day, we are looking at 99.9% delivery rate.

Is LLC best for dropshipping? ›

Yes, you do need an LLC for your dropshipping business. When it comes to protecting your business and personal assets, you should always be on the safe side. We have outlined some tips for starting a dropshipping business and the exact time when you should get an LLC.

What is the cheapest dropshipping website? ›

What is the cheapest dropshipping website? Wholesale Central is the cheapest dropshipping site, as it lets you browse products and suppliers for free. However, Wholesale Central is just a directory of dropshippers who carry different products, so you may still end up paying fees in the form of a service charge.

How much is the monthly fee for Shopify dropshipping? ›

Shopify Basic – $39 per month ($29 per month, paid annually)

The Shopify Basic plan offers more features than the Lite plan, making it a good choice for small businesses that are looking to build a comprehensive online store with omnichannel selling capabilities, including dropshipping.

What websites are better than Aliexpress? ›

13 sites like AliExpress for discount shopping online
  • eBay. A well-known e-commerce titan, eBay.com is an AliExpress alternative that trades higher prices for quicker and more convenient service. ...
  • Amazon. ...
  • Overstock. ...
  • Bonanza. ...
  • LightInTheBox. ...
  • MiniInTheBox. ...
  • DealExtreme. ...
  • BangGood.
Mar 10, 2022

Is Aliexpress the best way to dropship? ›

Yes, Aliexpress is great for dropshipping. The prices are great, and the platform has lots of tools to help you succeed in business. But Aliexpress is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to dropshipping. There are many other alternatives you could turn to if need be.

How fast is CJDropshipping shipping? ›

The CJDropshipping shipping time to the US is around 10-22 days if shipped from the CJ China warehouse. CJPaket, an alternative to fast ePacket, ships products usually within 7-20 days, CJPaket YDS US takes 12-22 days, and it's 10-20 days with USPS (but the shipping fees will be bigger for it).

Is CJDropshipping good in Shopify? ›

CJdropshipping 3,975 reviews

it's great! you get your own personal agent and the service is great! my agent layla long is the best agent! The customer service is very helpful and I love the products from the company.

What is the US equivalent of AliExpress? ›

Kole Imports is the AliExpress of the US. They offer thousands of products in a broad range of product categories and have been supplying bulk merchandise to businesses around the globe for the last 30 years.

Is Alibaba better than AliExpress? ›

Individual product prices are usually cheaper on Alibaba because you can negotiate wholesale prices and buy in bulk from manufacturers. But, new ecommerce retailers may find AliExpress is cheaper overall; although you'll be paying retail prices, you only have to buy a few items at a time.

Why is everything cheaper on AliExpress? ›

Due to its sheer size, China is able to produce certain items on a large scale, which further lower production costs. All of these factors combine to ultimately result in cheaper goods for customers shopping on AliExpress, allowing them to benefit from lower prices than may be available elsewhere.

Does Amazon allow dropshipping from AliExpress? ›

Can you dropship products from AliExpress to Amazon? In short, yes. One way we'd recommend selling AliExpress dropshipping products on Amazon is: Use an ecommerce platform like Shopify to create an online store and connect it to DSers (which sources inventory from AliExpress).

Which AliExpress delivery is best? ›

If you're shipping to yourself to perform a quality check, you might order via FedEex to get your products quickly. However, if you're shipping to customers, your best options are AliExpress Standard Shipping and EMS, which consistently offer fast shipping.

Is everything on AliExpress legal to dropship? ›

The short answer to the questions is yes, dropshipping is legal. But many people are skeptical of dropshipping because they don't fully understand what it is. So to get us on the same page, let's begin by explaining what we mean when we say drop shipping. Dropshipping is simply a retail fulfillment method.

Who owns CJdropshipping? ›

Andy Chou is the Founder and CEO of CJdropshipping, a global all-in-one dropshipping platform.

Why is CJ shipping so expensive? ›

Why CJ charge me an oversize fee for my products? A: Oversize products refer to a product whose volumetric weight is higher than the actual weight, or you can say a lightweight package. Logistic will charge the shipping fee for oversize products by their volumetric weight.

Which supplier is best for Shopify? ›

Let's cover the best US dropshipping suppliers for Shopify stores first!
  • Sellvia Review.
  • Modalyst Review.
  • DropCommerce Review.
  • Printful Review (Niche: Print on demand)
  • Blanka Review (Niche: Beauty)
  • Dripshipper Review (Niche: Coffee)
  • My Online Fashion Store Review (Niche: Fashion)
  • Syncee.

Which market is best for Shopify? ›

Best Shopify Marketplace Apps in 2023
  • eBay.
  • Wanelo.
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace.
  • Walmart Integration.
  • eBay LINK.
  • SiBi ‑ See It Buy It.
  • Multi Seller Marketplace.
  • Wish Marketplace Integration.

What is the best shipping service for Shopify? ›

The best Shopify shipping apps currently available are: ShippingEasy, AfterShip, Shippo, Easyship, ShipperHQ, ShipStation, Advanced Shipping Rules, Parcelify, Bespoke Shipping, Better Shipping, Starshipit, Boxify, Sendcloud, Status Sherpa, Shippit, Intuitive Shipping, netParcel, ShipNerd and Packlink PRO.


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