Business Colors: How to choose the best color for YOU (2023)

Trying to pick your best business colors?

Curious about the psychology of color in branding?

Want to know how color affects marketing and sales?

We'll cover it all here, including the colors used by top brands and tips on color theory and color matching.

This allows you to choose brand colors that convey the right message about your business.

and I included10 colorful infographicsYou'll want to pin it to Pinterest! To enjoy.

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Choose the best business colors

Whether you're choosing colors for your branding, product launch, or email marketing campaign, consider the impact of color.

Powerful psychological signals are triggered when we see different colors. Colors awaken emotions, moods and feelings.

Whether you're a marketer or a consumer, knowing the power of color psychology can help you make better decisions. Color plays a much bigger role in influencing what we buy than you might think!

Surprisingly, 84.7% of people said that color was the main reason they bought a certain product.

People make an unconscious judgment about an environment or a product within 90 seconds - andBetween 62 and 90% of that rating is based on color alone!

As a small business owner who wears many different hats, color may not be a top priority when developing your branding and marketing materials. But for better or worse, color affects how people react when they first encounter your business.

Choosing colors is not an easy task.

Which sends the right message?

What hits the right note?

Vistaprint wanted to help small business owners better understand theFarbaassociationenso that they can apply this to their own businesses.

They started by analyzing which colors customers choose when designing their marketing materials in their online design studio.

They learned that the top color was predominantly blue, followed by black and red.

Faced with a wealth of research on color psychology, they decided to consult an expert. Dr Sally Augustin, a leading authority on color psychology, shared an infographic on how small business owners can use color to evoke specific feelings and associations for the benefit of their business.

OVistaprint-Infographicincludes information on colors that work best for different types of small businesses.

Business Colors: How to choose the best color for YOU (2)

They also encourage you to consider these tips:

1 | Choose colors from your customers' point of view and those that reflect your company's brand, industry, and product or service.

(Video) Marketing Color Psychology: What Do Colors Mean and How Do They Affect Consumers?

2 | Use color combinations to increase your impact. A color like gray that doesn't make a meaningful statement can be paired with a more energizing or relaxing color.

3 | Be aware of how colors are interpreted in different cultures, especially if you have an international customer base or sell your products/services abroad.

4 | Don't choose colors based on your own preferences.Your favorite colormay not be sending the right message.

5 | To maximize your chance to stand out, avoid choosing colors that are too close to your competitors.

And on to the next infographic...

Color psychology: what do your brand colors say about you?

What is color psychology?

Can colors affect mood, perception and even purchasing decisions?

Color psychology is the study of color as a determinant of human behavior. [Wikipedia]

Artists and designers understand and use the power of color to evoke mood and even change behavior. With this infographic, you too can harness the power of color!

Color meanings at a glance:

Weiss:Cleanliness, purity, simplicity
Dive deep intomany meanings of white.

Gelb:Happiness, warmth, caution
Learn all aboutmeaning of yellowand choose the right path among 33yellow color codes.

Orange:Accessible, creative, fun
Orange comes in many shades and hues! learn thisorange color meanings, then opt for the ideal with 20+orange hex codes.

Rot:Action, passion, danger
Learn more aboutmeaning of redto use it wisely. So choose the right onehex codes!

Rosa:Gentle, romantic, grateful
choose the perfectRosa Hex-Codesfrom our selection of 33, from pastel to bold. And make sure you send the right message when you learn color meanings.

Lila:Expensive, mysterious, spiritual
Use purple well by learningpurple color meanings. Then find your favorite among 40 Fabulouspurple color codes.

Blau:Authority, Serenity, Dignity
There are so many hues, tones and shades of blue! Make first-line choice through learningblue color meaningsand choose from 20+blaue Hex-Codes.

Verde:Renewal, Healing, Money
Dive deep intomeanings of greenand choose from 40 amazinggreen hex codes.

Braun:Calm, natural, serious
Embrace the best brown in this selection of 22brown color codes.

Grau:Enterprising, Practical, Somber
Gray is also doing very well at 22degree hexadecimal codes.

Schwartz:Classic, formal, bold
learn thisblack color meaningsto send the right message with black. Also find important information on how to use black in combination with other colors!

You may also like to learn moreFarbnamen- 20 swatches and names for each of the above colors plus tan. 240 total!

Check out the color psychology infographic below, provided byMuse-Design,to see what yourbrand colorsreveal something about yourself.

The article continues below the graphic.

(Video) Brand Colors. Which color is best for my Brand? Edwin Dela

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Color psychology for your brand: infographic

the psychology of colorsmeans that different colors have different effects on you - and your company's audience!

This makes color an important factor in your branding. Color plays a huge role in how your audience perceives your business and how they are remembered.

In the United States, studies suggest some universal color meanings. However, these can vary in different cultures.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, warm colors like red and yellow convey an energetic and outgoing message, while cool colors like blue are more calm and reserved. You can lighten a cool color to increase its vitality and reduce its reserve.

Choose the perfect shade and intensity using the color code tables linked in the previous section.

smart people inFiverrhe picked upentrepreneurand created a beautiful infographic for you to view and pin below.(The article continues after the graphic).

Business Colors: How to choose the best color for YOU (4)

The Secret Psychology of Color in Marketing: Infographic

Here's another great infographic on color psychology, more to come!

Do you want to positively influence potential customers with color psychology?

Then you need to know how to use color correctly!

Each color has a unique impact on human mood, behavior and performance.

For example, the color red creates a sense of urgency and stimulates the appetite, making it a great choice for consumer sales and supermarket chains.

On the other hand, the blue color has a calming and calming effect. It suggests safety and reliability and is ideal for conservative products.

Check out the infographic belowWebsiteFXfor details by color.

Don't forget to pin thisColor psychology in marketinginfographic.

Just for fun, you might like thiscolor personality test.

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Choosing brand colors? What does color say about your business?

Choosing brand colors?

You're in the right place. In the world of brands, color is one of the most important aspects.

Color helps brand recognition and has the power to influence the customer's purchase decision. Marketers need to determine which color best matches the brand and how it can convey a message to the target market.

Studies show that 90% of how people perceive and judge a brand is based on color.

The infographic below has taken six colors and analyzed them. Learn the characteristics of different colors and which brands use them so you can choose the color that's right for you.yourBrand.

Different colors have different qualities. For example, neutral colors like black, gray and white indicate qualities like premium or luxury. Brands like Apple, Audi and Chanel use neutral colors.

(Video) Ford Fiesta Colors: Choose Best Color For You New Fiesta

The psychology of color in branding is of interest to all marketers as they have the power to attract customers with the use of color and persuade them to buy a specific brand.

Take a look at this infographic and tell us which ones.brand colorswork for your company?

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What fonts and colors are driving top brands?

Thinking about your visual branding strategy?

It never hurts to see what the world has to offermaximum notesAgain.

Fonts and colors are your first consideration and need to set the right tone for your business branding.

yummy positioninganalyzed the colors used in the logos of the main brands. Then they define font styles. Finally, whether top brand logos used just an icon, just text, or a combination of both.

As you can see from the infographic, only iconic brands like Apple and Shell can get away with just one icon!

And the Helvetica font simply crushes them as it is used in more than 1 in 5 major brand logos.

Does that mean you should go with Helvetica?

No more than that, Mattel's Barbie shouldn't wear pink as her trademark color, or I should wear purple. Just choose wisely.

Pin infographic to share which fonts and colors are driving the worldBest brands.

To choose fonts wisely, check out 10 more infographicswriting personality!

Business Colors: How to choose the best color for YOU (7)

How to create a brilliant brand identity

Do you want to create a brand identity for your small business?

It's no secret that companies with a strong brand get a better market position.

Featuring memorable branding makes a company and its products more recognizable to customers. People like to buy from well-known companies!

Brand identity is the foundation of a good brand. That's why there is no successful business without an established brand.

Why is creating brand identity important for small businesses?

Brand identity makes your business visible in the crowded market, helps you to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

Companies with a strong brand personality are easier to remember and identify. That's why your brand needs to be carefully designed.

Colors, fonts, and shapes used to style your brand elementsTake a message about your company to the market.

These visuals convey your company's core values ​​to your audience so they can relate to it. When consumers share the same values ​​as your company, they are more likely to choose your company and your products or services over those of your competitors.

However, before you start designing your brand identity elements, you need to know who your target audience is and decide how you want to be perceived by them.

As hitting the mark can seem complex, it's good to know where to start and what to look for during the process. The infographic below offers design tips and an overview of the important steps in building a memorable brand personality.

(Video) Choosing a Perfect Color Palette For Your Home Like a PRO! Interior Design Tips to Combine Colors

Check out this infographiccustom labels, and get ready to create a brilliant brand identity for your small business.

Business Colors: How to choose the best color for YOU (8)

How to Win at Color Theory: Infographics

Confused by color theory?

Struggling to decide how to combine colors in your graphics?

You are not alone. While some of us are born with a sixth sense of color, most people are intimidated by it.

Learn to color like a pro in these infographicssilk cards.

There are 3 parts:

  • Color theory basics.
  • Contrasting and complementary colors.
  • Color combinations: background and text.

Check it out and mark your favorites! Continue reading after each image.

Business Colors: How to choose the best color for YOU (9)

Definition of color theory

In the visual arts, color theory, or color theory, is a collection of practical guides to mixing colors and the visual effects of a given color combination. There are also definitions (or categories) of colors based on the color wheel: primary, secondary, and tertiary.Those ones

Color theory is a set of basic rules for mixing color perception to obtain the desired effect by matching colors of light (RGB) or matching colors reflected in pigments.

The perception of colors depends more or less on preferences and tastes in relation to colors, bodily reactions to certain colors, such as red.

Business Colors: How to choose the best color for YOU (10)

Contrasting and complementary color infographic

When we talk about complementing one color with another, the greater the contrast between lightness and darkness between the letters and the background, the better the readability of the text. This is very important to understand when designing graphics!

Also note that bold primary colors give your brand more visibility.

Business Colors: How to choose the best color for YOU (11)

Background and text infographic color combinations

Each color can be evaluated outside its environment. Note that the same hue can look different when placed against different backgrounds, and that different colors can look almost the same when paired with different backgrounds.

There are two basic forms of dithering. One is harmony, the other is contrast. Good background text combinations are created when the colors are very contrasting. Bad matches can be similar in tone or hue and difficult to read.

Another way to improve your design is torule of thirds.

Business color psychology for branding

You've reviewed business colors, color psychology for branding, and which brands use which colors.

We cover color theory, complementary and contrasting colors, and how to combine colors for standout designs.

You have discovered 10 different informative colorful infographics!

I'm sure these infographics will help you learn more about colors. Pin them for future reference!


What color is more attractive for business? ›

Red is the color of power. It gets people's attention and it holds it, which is why it's the most popular color for marketing. The word SALE is always red, and you'll often find red a common tie color for professionals.

What colors are calming for business? ›

Blue is the most productive color

As a very popular color for workspaces, blue helps to achieve a balanced and calming atmosphere, helping employees stay focused and efficient.

What color is business success? ›

Blue – If you're looking to have your business accepted, blue is the way to go. This color is said to be the most widely picked. In addition, it represents water, which is an essential part of human life.

What are the 4 personality colors at workplace? ›

There are four basic personality types, each with a color that reflects their main characteristics: Dominant Red, Planner Blue, Charismatic Yellow, and Stable Green. All can be exceptional leaders if they work from their strengths.

What colors look most professional? ›

Blue, black, grey, brown and white are the best, while orange is universally considered the worst colour for an interview. Also avoid yellow, green and purple. Why? Blue : Blue (navy) is considered the perfect pick as it reflects trust, confidence, calmness and stability.

What are the 3 most attractive colors? ›

The study found statistically significant gender differences in relation to yellow, white and green-yellow. All three colors were perceived as more attractive by women than by men.

What color makes people trust you? ›

Blue is one of the most popular colours in web design – and for good reason. You see blue on a lot of websites because, to put it simply, it is the colour of trust. Blue is the colour of calm and serenity, and as such inspires security and a feeling of safety.

What color catches the eye first? ›

On the other hand, since yellow is the most visible color of all the colors, it is the first color that the human eye notices. Use it to get attention, such as a yellow sign with black text, or as an accent.

What color is best for positive energy? ›

Yellow is said to be the happiest color, promoting optimism and positive thinking.

What color increases anxiety? ›

Colors like red and orange increase anxiety and stress, sometimes even fear. Red and orange are associated with an emergency that can elicit images of emergency vehicles with their lights and sirens on.

What color is most motivating? ›

The Color Psychology of Orange

Orange is also known to be a color of motivation, which lends a positive attitude and general enthusiasm for life.

What is a power color for business? ›

Power colors are rich, dark tones of black, blue, green, red, and brown*. Black and navy are the best power colors for business because they have an air of authority. Light colors can be powerful when they are used in monochromatic outfits - all garments in the same color or varying shades of the same hue .

What colors are business professional? ›

Business professional is the most formal level of professional dress. This style is most appropriate for interviews, career fairs and more formal events. It is recommended to opt for darker, more traditional colors such as black, navy or gray.

What colors mean success? ›

(Gold symbolizes success, triumph, luxury, and abundance)

Gold is often used as a brand color for businesses selling luxurious and expensive products. It's also frequently used in combination with navy blue or black in brands with men as their target audience.

What are the 4 leadership colors? ›

We use a variety of assessments based on the four color energies — blue, red, yellow, and green — to identify personality preferences and related behaviors that have a profound impact on your organization's engagement, leadership, and culture.

What is a motivating color? ›

Orange is a combination of red's power and energy and the friendliness and fun of yellow. Orange represents motivation, positive attitude, and enthusiasm. It is a great color for sporting events and sports teams. However, like red, it can be overpowering.

What color increases productivity? ›

RED. Warm colors are very stimulating. Red is the right color for more productivity! An office with red elements activates the left hemisphere of the brain and increases productivity.

What color represents high quality? ›

Purple. When most people think of purple they think of Cadbury, the color symbolizes quality, luxury and royalty.

What color makes everyone happy? ›

Yellow is usually the color of happy, joyful emotions.

What color turns a man on? ›

Studies reveal that red is the most attractive colour to both men and women but, curiously, the two genders are attracted to the same colour for different reasons.

What is a lucky color for a business logo? ›

Colors Considered Lucky

Besides just looking at numbers, common colors associated with luck are red, yellow, and green in the Chinese Zodiac. Quite interesting, considering that red was in the majority of logos listed in the companies that produced the most revenue.

What is the most untrustworthy color? ›

Overall, the blue color scheme was perceived as most trustworthy and black as least trustworthy.

What color represents high self esteem? ›

The color red is often used to send messages of confidence to the public. In color psychology, red elicits the greatest feelings of any color.

What color is loyalty? ›

Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven.

What two colors look best together? ›

26 beautiful color combinations that'll inspire your next design
  1. Royal blue & peach (trending) ...
  2. Blue & pink (classic) ...
  3. Charcoal & yellow (classic) ...
  4. Red & yellow(classic) ...
  5. Lime green & electric blue (trending) ...
  6. Lavender & teal (trending) ...
  7. Cherry red & off-white (classic) ...
  8. Baby blue & white (classic)
Sep 27, 2021

What is the most trusting eye color? ›

In conclusion, brown-eyed individuals tend to be perceived as more trustworthy than blue-eyed ones within a population with variable eye color, but it is not brown eyes that cause this perception. It is the facial morphology linked to brown eyes.

What is the most visually appealing color? ›

Best 25 Appealing Color Combinations
  1. Peach and Royal Blue. For the first entry on our list, we'll go with a color combination that's currently popular: Peach and royal blue. ...
  2. Black and Yellow. ...
  3. Pink and Blue. ...
  4. Yellow and Red. ...
  5. Off-White and Cherry Red. ...
  6. Electric Blue and Lime Green.
  7. White and Baby Blue. ...
  8. Hot Pink and Cyan.
Jul 1, 2022

What color is for negativity? ›

People tend to associate red with negative, danger-bearing emotions. This could be because it is the color of fire, blood, and sometimes of poisonous or dangerous animals.

What color keeps you energized? ›

Blue light has the strongest impact. Exposure to blue light (and white light, which contains blue light) during the sensitive period can make it difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Exposure to white light during the day can have positive effects, including boosting alertness and mood.

What wall colors are best for mental health? ›

"Shades of blue or green are always very calming. Blues are especially known to have a relaxing effect perfect for creating a serene feeling at home," says Nicole Gibbons, interior designer and founder of Clare Paint.

What color attracts the human eye most? ›

Red and orange seem to be the clear winner when it comes to eye-catching colors. These colors tend to stand out and are therefore used on many warning signs or safety equipment. Yellow is another color that comes in a close second to red and orange in popularity.

What are the 3 most important colors? ›

Painters' subtractive primary colors are red, yellow and blue. These three hues are called primary because they cannot be made with mixtures of other pigments."

What color represents business? ›

Blue is well-known as a strong business color, and it is no surprise that 20% of the top 50 unicorns focus on blue as their primary branding color. Dropbox and SpaceX are among the companies that are following in IBM's “Big Blue” branding path here.

What is the lucky color for business logo 2022? ›

In Chinese tradition, the known lucky colors for the year 2022 are light blue, mint green, fiery red, and imperial yellow. For blue, it is deemed to be lucky as it is the standard color of business in the Philippines. The color represents security, trust, and strength.


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