9 Examples of Call Center Scripts (+ Template) (2023)

Have you ever been speechless? Or have you ever seen a call center agent gasp for words on a call because she didn't know what to say next?

Working as a call center agent is an intimidating job. Sellers have a lot of information to learn. Then they need to memorize this information to receive calls and work at a certain level that will help you.Achieve key call center metrics.

That's a lot of pressure.Having call center scripts helps take the pressure off the call center agents.It gives them guidance on what to say and do so they don't have to rely on their memory.

For the past nine years, I've worked as a content trainer at ScreenSteps, a knowledge base software company that helps call centers with their call flows and scripts. During this time I helped companiesUse best practices to write clearer, more efficient scriptsthat save their call centers time and money.

Use this blog post as a source of inspiration for writing your call center scripts.These nine scenarios are common practices in various industries.

For additional help,here is aFree Call History Templateto help you organize your call center scripts and call flows.

9 Examples of Call Center Scripts (+ Template) (1)

What is a call center script?

Before going into the examples, let'sdefine what is a call center script.

A call center script is a document that helps call center agents know what to say and do. It is a conversational and operational tool that will help your customer service agents with calls.

Call center scripts are precisely written to expedite a call.It is arranged in a specific order for efficiency. Agents are expected to follow the script to the letter.

Another approach to call center scripting is call flows.ACall-Center-Call flowit's more of a general description of how a call should be handled.It still offers a specific order for asking questions and completing tasks, but there's more flexibility. A call flow tells agents what to say and do.

(Video) Positive Scripting Examples for Call Center: Customer Service

Often when people talk about call center scripts, they are really talking about call flows.

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A word of caution: a common error in call center scripts

When content authors create call center scripts, they are often tempted to write each call from start to finish. These call center scripts contain multiple procedures in a call flow. It ends up being the size of a manual.

instead you shouldCreate miniscripts for different procedures. It's not a great script. Each procedure must have its own script. Your call center agents invoke these separate scripts as needed during a call.

It is useful to have a system, such as aGo to scripting software or a knowledge base- so your agents can quickly access these call center scripts and call histories during a call.

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9 Sample Call Center Scripts and Call Flows

For your call center, you need a call center script for essential processes and procedures in your business that require verbatim statements and/or precise workflow. These nine examples will help you get started with your call center scripts and call flows.

Feel free to copy and paste these examples and make them your own.

The italicized script provides recommended phrases for call center agents to say. Regular text prompts on what to do.

1. Call center script to answer calls

Regardless of your industry, you always have a recording script. So this is the first procedure in your process. The following are specific procedures that follow a recording script.

Once sales reps get to step 3,Ley, they should reference a separate guide/script/flow.These depend on the purpose of the call. Each purpose should have a separate procedure to accomplish the required task.

(Video) Sales Call example 1

1. Welcome and verify

Thank you for calling Acme Bank. My name is _________. May I have your name and account number?

Alternatives if you do not have your account number:

  • The last 4 of the social
  • You answered two security questions correctly

2.Identify the purpose of the call.

  • actively listen
  • Ask clarifying questions
  • Agree what the call is about


  • Find the right resource
  • Consult the resource
  • Apply the resource guide.

2. Healthcare Call Center Script

The healthcare industry is expansive. From family doctors to dermatologists, there are a host of different specialists. But everyone needs a team to plan their patients and collect insurance information.

Many in the healthcare industry are hiringBusiness Process Operations (BPO) to manage your customer servicefor patient planning.

Since each office has its own processes and information to collect, you need oneCall center script to ensure patients are prepared for their appointments.

Here is an example of a simple script to schedule patients.

  • Thank you for calling the medical center. Here speaks ____. How can I help you?
  • Listen to the purpose of the call andwrite down
  • Is the patient already in the system?
    • Y– When was the patient last seen?
      • More than 30 days ago –Schedule a new visit using the doctor's table
      • less than 30 days ago– Plan as follow-up care with the doctor's table
    • no– When was the patient last seen?
      • More than 90 days ago –Schedule a new visit using the doctor's table
      • Less than 90 days ago– Plan as follow-up care with the doctor's table
    • Is the patient a workers' compensation patient?
      • Plan with doctor's table
      • Schedule ONLY doctors who work with WC
      • YComplete toilet papers
      • no– Blueprint with the doctor's table
    • Y– Is this patient a Site A patient?
    • no–Create a new record
  • Confirm communication preference with patient
  • Inform the patient what to bring to the appointment
  • resume call
  • to end a call

3. Retail Account Call Center Script

A common question in retail is, "Can I return this item?" Here is a sample script to help you complete the return process.

Was the item purchased more than 30 days ago?
  • Y- you unfortunatelyItems cannot be returned.I buymore than 30 days ago
  • No -Was the item damaged upon delivery?
    • Y -RegrettablyItems cannot be returned.they havebeen opened
    • no–Is the value of the returned item greater than $300?
      • Y– I need my manager to approve the return
      • no– We can process the return for you.
    • Y -We can process the return for you.
    • No -Did you open the article?

4. Call Center Billing and Payment Script

When a customer needs to update their bill or wants to make a payment, here's an overview of what a call center agent should say.

(Video) 2 Cold Call Opening Lines that Nail the First 15 Seconds

Use:This script is dynamic.Allows you to follow the prompts based on the choice of the caller. You can read the italicized words word for word or follow the general instructions.

Would you like to pay by credit card, check or bank transfer?

Credit card

Would you like to submit credit card information over the phone or would you like to complete the information online via a secure link?

    • on the phone– Get information by phone
    • secure connection– Send secure link

To verify

  • Make check payable to Acme Industries and mail to PO Box Beverly Hills 90210
Wire transfer
  • provides the following information:
    • Account number: 4858724569u2569345
    • The sort code is 48576983483

5. Technical Support Call Center Script

A common reason customers call is that they don't know how to do something on your company's website or need other technical support.

This is a sample call center script that an agent would use when asked "How do I set up single sign-on with Salesforce?"

Consider using a checklist to help agents go through a list of tasks in a specific order.

  • Confirm that your account is set up for single sign-on
  • Do you want to configure single sign-on at the account or site level?
    • account levels– No additional steps
    • site level- Confirm that your site is marked as private
  • Does your Salesforce instance use My Domain?
  • Y- Perform the following tasks:
    • Generate a Self-Signed Certificate in Salesforce.com
    • Activate Salesforce as Identity Provider
    • Download Salesforce Metadata
    • Upload metadata to the system
    • Copy the SAML consumer URL and entity ID from the note
    • Create a Connected App in Salesforce
    • Enter basic information
    • Enter the web application settings and save
    • Assign user profiles to your connected app in Salesforce
  • no- Perform the following tasks:
    • Confirm that you have a sandbox
    • Create a Salesforce.com login URL
    • Configure the remote login URL and copy the remote authentication token
    • Create a new class in Salesforce
    • Paste the controller code
    • Create a visual force page
    • insert page markup
    • Set permissions for the Visualforce page
    • test connection
    • Deploy the code to production and update the URL in the system

9 Examples of Call Center Scripts (+ Template) (2)

6. Financial Accounts Call Center Script

Banks and credit unions have a variety of different accounts that people can set up. If a customer wants to open a personal account with their bank, here is an example call flow.

Notice how the script examplesDon't necessarily use complete sentences. Sometimes they omit articles like "the" and "a/an".

  1. Please complete the following
    1. Determine if the discount rate applies
    2. Confirm that the client does not require two signatures
    3. Provide relevant data protection brochures and notices
    4. Review the Personal Custodial Account Agreement and Disclosures
    5. If necessary, consult the interest table
  2. Does the account earn interest?
    1. Y– Explain rules, sanctions and fees.
    2. no–Explain prices
    1. Y -Is it a disc?
    2. no- Nothing more
  3. Is the customer requesting a debit/bank card?
    1. Y- Provide bank information.
    2. no- Nothing extra
  4. Is the client subject to risk assessment?
    1. Y– Carry out a risk assessment
    2. no- Nothing more
  5. sign documents
  6. Collective ID
  7. Check open accounts
  8. Remind the client of the funds availability policy
  9. Remind customers of store locations

7. Call Center Troubleshooting Script

Customer service is available to help customers when something is not working properly. When technology is down or there is another problem, you need troubleshooting guidance so your call center agents can help customers troubleshoot remotely.

(Video) Mock Call Sample Script | Billing Question | Short Version

This sample troubleshooting guide shows a troubleshooting guide when a printer is not working.

Please note that each troubleshooting step is a short guide and each step is presented as a bullet point.

  • The problem may be caused by your printer, computer, or wireless network. The first thing we will check isif your printer can print without the computer.
  • Follow the steps below to check if you can print
    • insert paper
    • Press the start button
    • Select Settings > OK
    • Select Maintenance and press the OK button
    • Select Nozzle Check > OK
    • Press the start button
  • Did the printer print?
    • you can print now
      • Navigate to System Settings
      • Choose Print and Scan
      • Select your printer
      • Click - to remove the printer
      • Click + to select your printer with Art as Bonjour
      • Y- Success!
      • No -Continue troubleshooting
    • Y- Consult the table of errors to find solutions.
    • no- Escalate the call to Technical Support
    • Y -Clear pending jobs in the print queue
    • no– Check the LCD screen for any error messages. Do you have any?

8. Call center script to update an account

Most companies require authorized account holders to make changes to an account. Here's a call center script for thatHelp agents ask the right questions in the most efficient order.

  • Is the applicant the account holder?
    • Is the proposed account owner an administrator?
      • Y– Update account holder
      • no- Require that they make the proposed owner an administrator
    • Y -Ask the current owner to contact you to request the change
    • No -Do they have access to your email?
      • I will confirm this request with the other account administrators.
      • If they confirm, run the update.
      • If they do NOT acknowledge, escalate to manager.
      • Y- Send email to the email address of the account owner
      • no- Send emails to other account administrators.
    • Y- Ask for the name of the proposed account holder
    • no– Is the current owner available?

9. Call center script to close a call

Once you have resolved the issue or served the purpose of a call, your agent should close the call. There's more than saying goodbye.

How should your agents close a call? What do they have to do after ending a call? Here is a simple script to close a call with a procedure call flow for step 2.

1. short call

When the call is resolved:I'm glad I was able to help! Have a good end of the day.

If the call was NOT resolved:We are sorry that we could not solve the problem for you. [Repeat any action items that need to be taken to resolve the call.]

2. complete the job

  • Update status to post processing
  • Dokumentnotizen
  • Complete any tasks that need to be completed
  • Update the status to Done when done

Reduce agent errors with clear call flows and scripts

Writing scripts for call centers is challenging. They create a guide on the best way to place a call so your call center agents can work more efficiently. By documenting these call center scripts in Word and other text formats, your options are limited.

It is useful to have interactive call center software, such asGo to scripting software or a knowledge base– to help you write clearer guides. These software programs help your call center agents guide you through a call step by step.

(Video) Sales Mock Call Sample - Short Version

Powered by a ScreenSteps knowledge base, our interactive workflow articles provide step-by-step instructions.Call center agents make fewer mistakes because the guides help them not miss important steps.

If you want to write clearer call center scripts and call flows,Download this free call center template.Helps you outline the information you need to include in your call flows.

9 Examples of Call Center Scripts (+ Template) (3)


What is an example of positive scripting in call center? ›

Positive scripting is the process of designing a customer service script and formulating a message so as not to frustrate or upset your customers. It can also be used to guide a customer towards a desired outcome. For example, up-selling a customer to a premium-rate contract instead of a standard-rate one.

What is an example of an upselling script? ›

Example “upselling” scripts:

Thank you for your business, [CUSTOMER NAME]. Before we end our call today, I wanted to let you know that many of our customers who use [PRODUCT/SERVICE CUSTOMER PURCHASED] also buy [DIFFERENT PRODUCT/SERVICE NAME]. Would you be interested in hearing more about it?”

How do you talk to customers in a call center script? ›

Call Center Script for Speaking with Angry or Frustrated Customers
  1. “I completely understand, [customer name]. I'd be just as upset if i were in your shoes. ...
  2. “So sorry that this has happened, [customer name]. ...
  3. “Absolutely, [customer name]. ...
  4. “I'm really sorry this has come up. ...
  5. “So sorry, [customer name].

How do I practice positive scripting? ›

How to implement positive scripting
  1. Consider responses to various situations. ...
  2. Ask questions with specific answers. ...
  3. Keep scripts on computers. ...
  4. Think about formatting. ...
  5. Test your script. ...
  6. Give representatives time to learn. ...
  7. Make changes when necessary. ...
  8. Greetings.
May 25, 2021

What are collection call scripts examples? ›

Here's an example:

Hi, [client's name]. I'm calling to follow up on [invoice #__________] for [$ __________], which seems to be [XX] days past due. I wanted to ensure there isn't a problem with the invoice and, if everything's in order, find out when payment will be made.

How do you write a catchy script? ›

How to Write a Video Script
  1. Choose your target audience.
  2. Set a goal for your video script.
  3. Choose the main character for your video.
  4. Create a brief.
  5. Use your brief to write an outline.
  6. Start writing your script, section by section.
  7. Edit your video script.
  8. Do a verbal run-through off-camera.
Sep 1, 2022

How do you write a warm call script? ›

Warm call scripts
  1. Get their attention. Use their name when you say hello. ...
  2. Introduce yourself. “I'm Amanda from Snov.io.” It is that simple.
  3. Let them know why you are calling. The reason you are calling is not to throw a sales pitch or make a sale. ...
  4. Bridge. ...
  5. Tell them what you want then listen. ...
  6. Improvise if you have to.
May 5, 2021

How do you write a script and sell it? ›

How To Sell A Movie Script: Our Top Tips
  1. Is Your Script Really Ready? ...
  2. Research Film Companies, Agents And Actors That Could Be Interested In Your Script. ...
  3. Write A Sizzling 5-8 Lines Query Letter To Describe Your Script. ...
  4. Think About Your Selling Terms. ...
  5. Consider Entering Specialised Contests To Gain Some Exposure. ...
  6. Other Tips.

What is a good example of cross-selling? ›

Examples of cross selling include: Fast food restaurants asking: “Do you want fries with that?” eCommerce websites showing “customers also bought” A mobile phone retailer suggesting a customer buys a new case for their new phone.

What is a good example of suggestive selling? ›

Examples of suggestive selling include extended warranties offered by sellers of household appliances or electronics. The upsold items are usually of lesser value than the main purchase, but are intended to increase customer retention.

What are the main 3 things to mention during your call end script? ›

STEP 1 – Briefly summarise what has been accomplished on the call. STEP 2 – Let the customer know what happens next (and include a timescale – so they can go about planning their busy lives). STEP 3 – Ask the customer if there is anything else that they can be helped with.

Which phrases I should use to a call center? ›

Positive Phrases for Acknowledging the Customer

I realize that this situation is difficult, but let's try and find a solution.” “I would feel the same in your situation, but we will sort this out…” “I'm sorry you are having this problem. Let's see if there is anything we can do to help the situation.”

What are 5 ways to practice positive thinking? ›

The Power of Positive Thinking: 5 Ways You Can Practice...
  1. Use affirmations. ...
  2. Remind yourself to focus on the good things, no matter how small they are. ...
  3. Do something nice for someone. ...
  4. Focus on the present moment. ...
  5. Surround yourself with positive people.
Aug 11, 2020

What are examples of positive positioning? ›

At a cafe, I ordered a sandwich, drink, and chips. The employee came back with, “I'm sorry, we're out of the veggie sandwich, but I'm happy to give you any sandwich on our menu at no charge.” That's perfect positive positioning.

What are the 10 power words? ›

Spice things up and see the results.
  • Immediately. Go ahead and tell people you'll take care of something immediately. ...
  • Fervent. This power word means to display something passionately, so it implies action and immediacy. ...
  • Sharp. ...
  • Renewed. ...
  • Shining. ...
  • Instantly. ...
  • Invigorated. ...
  • Responsive.
Jul 16, 2014

What are the 12 power words? ›

What are the twelve powerful words? Trace, Analyze, Infer, Evaluate, Formulate, Describe, Support, Explain, Summarize, Compare, Contrast, Predict. Why use the twelve powerful words? These are the words that always give students more trouble than others on standardized tests.

What are the 5 power words? ›

You can't go wrong with these 5 power words and phrases:
  • Please and thank you. A no-brainer for good office etiquette, but how often we forget! ...
  • I'm sorry. I apologize. ...
  • How may I help? ...
  • Appreciate and acknowledge. ...
  • Use a person's name in conversation.
Jul 12, 2018

What is positive language in call center? ›

Positive language means telling a customer what you can do for them, rather than what you can't. It is about seeing every transaction from the customer's perspective and highlighting the benefits of a particular action to them.

What is positive scripting for irate customers? ›

Take a look at the following examples of how positive statements can be used to reassure the customer:
  • “Thanks, it is great that you alerted us to this.”
  • “You are absolutely correct. Let's look into this.”
  • “Definitely, I will make sure that this gets resolved for you.”
Jan 27, 2023

What is positive body language in customer service? ›

A cheerful smile, a warm handshake, proper eye contact and the right tone of voice are some of the essentials of positive body language that all customer service reps should be familiar with. Positive body language communicates interest, care and friendliness.

What are the 7 positioning strategies? ›

The seven basic types of positioning strategies are:
  • Product characteristics or consumer benefits. In using this strategy for positioning, the focus is on quality. ...
  • Pricing. ...
  • Use or application. ...
  • Product process. ...
  • Product class. ...
  • Cultural symbols. ...
  • Competitors (relation to)
Feb 4, 2020

What are the 7 key elements of product positioning? ›

Components of successful product positioning
  • Price.
  • Product application/use.
  • Target customers.
  • Competitive advantages.
  • Ethical values/policies.
  • Speak to your ideal customers.
  • Research the competition.
  • Determine the unique features and value of your product.

What are the 5 common positioning strategies? ›

What are the 5 common positioning strategies?
  • Customer service positioning strategy.
  • Convenience-based positioning strategy.
  • Price-based positioning strategy.
  • Quality-based positioning strategy.
  • Differentiation strategy.
Aug 25, 2021

What are 5 positive phrases? ›

9 Powerful Phrases Super Positive People Always Say
  • I admire you. Super positive people are appreciative. ...
  • You can do it. Super positive people are supportive. ...
  • I value you. Super positive people are caring. ...
  • You can count on me. Super positive people are collaborative. ...
  • I believe in you. ...
  • You are kind. ...
  • I trust you. ...
  • You are smart.
Jun 12, 2015

What is the best example of positive language? ›

10 Positive Language in Customer Service Phrase Examples
  • Happy to Help.
  • I Understand How (Blank) That Must Be.
  • As Much as I'd Love to Help.
  • Great Question! I'll Find That Out for You!
  • Nice to Meet You!
  • May I Ask Why That Is.
  • Thanks for Bringing This to Our Attention.
  • I Completely Understand Why You'd Want That.
Nov 2, 2022

What is an example of spiels? ›

: a fast speech that someone has often said before and that is usually intended to persuade people to buy something, agree to something, etc. I listened to the salesman's spiel but still refused to buy anything. He gave me a long spiel about the benefits of joining the club.

How do you politely tell a customer to calm down? ›

Here are five phrases to appease, inform and support customers with a temper.
  1. “You're right” One of the most powerful tools for calming angry customers is validation. ...
  2. “I'm sorry” ...
  3. “Thank you…” ...
  4. “I would feel frustrated by that too” ...
  5. “Have I done something to offend you?”


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