7 Cj Dropshipping alternative (2023)

Dropshipping becomes incredibly important over a long period of time. The spectacular business model has attracted many followers and players in all its functions, including CJ Dropshipping, CJ Market. Currently, the dropshipping business is fully established and has helped many business people grow financially and in business. This article will focus on understanding one of the dropshipping platforms called CJ Dropshipping, what it entails and its alternatives.

Understanding CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping is a wholesale company with roots in China. It offers a host of dropshipping services such as product sourcing, order fulfillment, product branding, shipping services, custom packaging and more. The platform integrates seamlessly with other e-commerce platforms including Shopify, eBay, Shipstation, Woocommerce, Shopee and Lazada. There are hundreds of thousands of products in CJ, whose 29 warehouses are spread all over the world.

Since CJ Dropshipping is a one-stop shop for multiple services, there are many reasons why you should ship there.

  1. As a wholesaler, CJ Dropshipping offers sellers products at wholesale prices. You can get the products when you are either wholesaler or online arbitrage. Whether you want a product in bulk for small quantities, you get them at wholesale prices. The advantage for those who want to buy these products and store them in their warehouses is a more favorable wholesale price.

  2. The CJ Dropshipping team built this platform exclusively for dropshippers. Its professional customer service team aims to listen to your customers and keep them updated with the latest product trends, which is why the site has grown significantly over the past five years.

What are CJ Dropshipping Services?

1. Product quality control

Unlike other marketplaces, CJ ensures that every product that leaves its warehouses passes through its quality control team, therefore it is a reliable wholesaler and supplier. Since they are the sole supplier, this quality control exercise is so easy to do. There is no doubt that all 400,000+ products in 13 categories are reliable and should appear in your dropshipping store immediately.

While searching for these products, you can filter by price, location, product video, free shipping, etc.; dropshipping here saves you the trouble of comparing different suppliers like on other sites because they are the only suppliers.

2. Order fulfillment

Amid the satisfying services offered by CJ Dropshipping, shippers fulfill orders placed by customers; therefore, you do not need to hire an agent to execute orders. Amazingly, CJ has no minimum order quantity (MOQ) and can supply any quantity of products your customers need, but at a set price.

3. Personal CJ-Dropshipping Agent service

Every time you come to the CJ website, you will get an agent who will offer you all the help you need at no cost. A CJ agent will systematically guide you through the platform until you become familiar with CJ Dropshipping's services. You will receive the contacts of an agent who will help you with all the dropshipping activities you want to do. If you need store authorization, product purchasing, order fulfillment and more, the CJ agent will take charge.

4. Product finder service

CJ Dropshipping product sourcing feature is a unique feature available. This function is more than the usual meaning of product acquisition because through it; you can get any product you can imagine that you have seen on other sites but not on CJ. If you want a product and you searched on CJ, but it is not available when you go to another site like Aliexpress and find it, you need to take the product description and give it to CJ to make it available. This does not mean that CJ Dropshipping will go and make an order for you from Aliexpress, but will produce it in cooperation with the relevant industry. Production is possible because CJ connects around 200 manufacturers who will immediately produce the product at a lower price. In addition, CJ Dropshipping is a member of International Trade Mart (Futian Market) with 40 industries and 2000+ different categories.

However, the minimum number of order requests that a person can make in a day is five, with the option to double this number or even increase it to become unlimited. To request this service, you need to open a CJ Dropshipping account to get the whole process. All their products are available at the lowest prices.

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5. Product List Service

Do you want to list your products directly from the site and then use the CJ Dropshipping platform for e-commerce? Once a seller has identified a product to list, they will click a button below the product that will prompt them to list it. As soon as you click the button, the site will automatically capture images and product details to help you list them.

7 Cj Dropshipping alternative

After understanding the CJ Dropshipping platform, we will increase our discussion to see what alternatives we can use instead of CJ Dropshipping. Alternatives to CJ Dropshipping are as follows.

1. AliExpress

AliExpress is also a Chinese e-commerce platform where you can do dropshipping. The site contains millions of products and thousands of suppliers. It is so competitive in any niche that it takes extra effort to succeed in your business. On the site, you will not control the suppliers or the order fulfillment and delivery process. In addition, delivery takes longer.


  • The risk is low.

  • Low costs are required to get started.

  • It has a wide range of products.


  • Delivery takes a long time; month

  • There are complications in the refund and return processes.

  • Low profit margin

2. GoTen Dropshipping

Among the best dropshipping platforms, GoTen is one of them. The site has many products and warehouses around the world. The platform is easy to use and orders reach your customers quickly.


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  • Fast fulfillment of orders; under ten days.

  • Numerous products, including household appliances, furniture, fitness equipment, etc.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Wide selection of product categories.


  • It is available in the US and UK

3. Printing

For those who love design, Printful is the best platform to design and deliver your products. Let's say you want to sell hoodies, posters, earrings, t-shirts and other products that contain designs. The trick behind dropshipping on Printful is that after your product sells well, you produce more and put them in stock to save on shipping time.


  • There are over 300 products.

  • Easily integrates with other third-party platforms such as Shopify.

  • Contains customized products


  • There are no returns or refunds here.

  • The delivery time is long

  • It is good for a limited number of product categories.

4. Syncee

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Like other dropshipping platforms, Syncee can be an alternative to CJ Dropshipping. It exposes the user to millions of products and suppliers worldwide and allows you to speak directly with the supplier as good communication is key on this platform. The application is not easy to manage and use right away, but with time you will learn and get used to it.


  • Enables direct communication with suppliers

  • It is easy to find suppliers, as you will easily filter them based on location and other parameters.

  • Integrates with a dozen e-commerce marketplaces.

5. US Direct

This e-commerce platform provides quick login and access to thousands of products on their site, more than CJ Dropshipping. It allows you to sync your vendor store inventory with your account and start earning right away. The site can help your business expand, but their monthly plans and prices are high. Only US citizens can use it.


  • No price increase

  • US Direct customer service is available 24 hours a day.

  • It offers many products


  • It has such expensive subscriptions of $99 per month for warehouse subscription and $150 per month for full automation.

  • It is limited to US shippers only.

  • Long deliverytime.

6. Modalistic

Fashion lovers have their ultimate alternative with CJ Dropshipping. The Modalyst site allows fast delivery of orders and works best on other sites like eBay.

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  • Product delivery is fast.

  • There are countless products.

  • Synchronizes product inventory levels directly with tour trade.


  • It has high transaction fees

  • It only works well with fashion suppliers.

  • Getting top suppliers requires certain fees.

7. Alder

Alderis the best alternative over all other brands. The site specializes in drop shipping by connecting all potential suppliers with the right dealers. It also makes it easy to automate dropshipping activities using a machine. Doba is an intermediary between merchants and products. Doba has more than two million products, including clothes, books, etc.


  • It has a huge collection of products; over 2 million products are in Doba.

  • Exporting products from Doba to eBay and other e-commerce sites is easy.

  • Doba offers a 30-day free trial.

By joining Doba, you will improve your drop shipping experience and ensure high sales and profits. While you have the freedom to choose, sign up for your account today and enjoy.click here.

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7 Cj Dropshipping alternative? ›

cjdropshipping.com's top 5 competitors in April 2023 are: shopify.com, printful.com, oberlo.com, pagefly.io, and more. According to Similarweb data of monthly visits, cjdropshipping.com's top competitor in April 2023 is shopify.com with 75.3M visits.

Who are CJDropshipping competitors? ›

cjdropshipping.com's top 5 competitors in April 2023 are: shopify.com, printful.com, oberlo.com, pagefly.io, and more. According to Similarweb data of monthly visits, cjdropshipping.com's top competitor in April 2023 is shopify.com with 75.3M visits.

Is CJDropshipping better than Aliexpress? ›

You will find that the shipping fees shown on Aliexpress are usually much cheaper than on CJ Dropshipping, some even provide a free delivery. What lies behind a free delivery is the shipping price is included in the product price, which is another reason why Aliexpress always price higher than CJ Dropshipping.

Which shipping method is best for CJDropshipping? ›

ePacket delivery is usually the best shipping method that dropshippers can use.

Does AutoDS work with CJDropshipping? ›

AutoDS supports variations uploads from CJDropshipping. This means if the product you're importing has multiple variations, you can choose to grab and import all of them to your eBay store with just one click. Additionally, you can mix variations from different suppliers into one listing.


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